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Digitalisation And Net Zero Partner VinZero Calls In Lazard For Sale Talks

Taurus client, Paul Laycock and CEO of VinZero, a global first entity and partner of choice for architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing (AEC & M) industries was featured in the AFR.

The new 200+mEuro global entity with 550 staff in 32 global offices recently merged four leading, trusted and known brands - A2K Technologies ANZ, U.S CAD The Americas, Cadline EMEA, and Capricot India under one umbrella in an initiative to redefine the AEC & M industries to build a better world that supports net zero targets by encouraging adoption of digitalisation.

More recently the company called in Lazard to test appetite in the business, and the firm is focusing on private equity and trade buyers with a strong presence in Australia. The Australian Financial Review (AFR) reported it remains to be seen whether Lazard can find VinZero’s investor, let alone whether it comes from Australia. It’s understood bankers from offshore are handling the pitch.

To find out more, read the full article in the AFR here.

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