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Sustainability and adaptability at the core of innovative building model Buildonix® 

Did you know Taurus client Buildonix® is sustainable and sits within the circular economy? Founder Maurice Lake recently spoke to Eco Voice to explore the sustainable and adaptable building model and how it will revolutionise the industry.  

Maurice said: “The Buildonix® system is firmly rooted in the principles of the circular economy. It integrates sustainable building components at its core, with aluminium serving as its primary material. Aluminium stands out for its exceptional versatility, offering a myriad applications owing to its lightweight and flexible properties. What truly sets aluminium apart, however, is its remarkable recyclability.” 

“Every Buildonix® component is meticulously crafted with ongoing 
reusability in mind, enabling their seamless integration into multiple structures. Through our innovative component-based approach, we can effortlessly adapt, repurpose, and reimagine building components to meet diverse design requirements, ensuring minimal waste and maximum efficiency.” 

Maurice also shared how the building industry is embracing sustainability and the changes he hopes to see throughout the sector to build towards a more environmentally friendly, net zero future. 

 Read more of Maurice’s insights here 

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