Social Media Learnings from Netflix’s Emily In Paris!

Who hasn’t seen Netflix’s latest Haute couture flick Emily in Paris?

The irresistible quarantine entertainment to binge-watch tells the tale of a young American marketing executive, Emily Cooper who got the chance of a lifestyle, seconded to a prestigious marketing firm in Paris to give French brands some good old American spin on social media.

The enthusiastic American in Paris then of course continues to kick career goals episode after episode from a viral tweet to a growing Instagram account, surely there are some social media learnings from Emily we can consider, here are our top 4 picks!

  1. Get to know your client and its audience

Emily is a young woman from Chicago who suddenly got the opportunity to work in Paris – from culture shock to language barriers, you’d watch Emily learn to navigate the intricacies of fully understanding the brand identity, brand voice, language and tonality when it comes to social media. To get it right – always start off by getting to know your client – what do they stand for? What is their purpose? Then get to know their audience – who buys from them? Why do they buy?

  1. Engage with your audience

Social media is a place where people can foster connections and create conversations. It is more than just a series of picture-perfect moments. Getting audience feedback and inputs in real-time through comments or live chats is essential to build brand awareness, loyalty and credibility.

Remember that one time, Emily created a poll for one of her client’s campaigns “sexy or sexist” and her social impression are up 200% since the poll went live. So, where does this takes you moving forward with your brand? When you are designing your content calendar plan, make sure to include what is trending now and connect it to your brand. brand image without being too opportunistic.

  1. Master the art of promotional campaign

When it comes to social media, creating the right caption alongside the right image or video is only half the battle won. The magic is getting in on the wider conversation that gets people talking! We can learn from Emily when she manages to bring her rather simple social media posts to another (more viral) level by successfully injecting a fresh and bold take on topics most brands would stay away from! Case in point, her Vaga-Jeune project!

  1. Work to live!

Work to Live! – another bit of wisdom from Emily in her Parisian adventure! Working in the marketing and communication field, you need all the creativity, inspiration and ideas you can get!  Sitting behind an office table will not get you there!

Love your work but love your life more!  Like Emily, your spark or aha moments come when you least expect it, usually outside the office when you are socialising and doing the things you love.

Remember the scene where Emily was successfully saved the brand image while introducing a new edge to the luxury fashion line, Pierre Cadault? Not only that she get the idea after a night out with friends, but she managed to change the brand’s perception with only one Instagram post!

And while we all know this of course a Netflix series and the chances of getting one viral post after another is simply unrealistic – it’s nice to be able to binge-watch a TV series and come out the other side a little more social media savvy!

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