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Career Experts Share Their Top Tips For The Perfect Resume


For over two decades I’ve been on the receiving end of hundreds of resumes a year from hopeful first-time applicants, mostly university graduates, to work in my PR agency. I’ve just about seen it all.

Resumes that are pages too long, resumes that are too short and cheeky, those delivered with a box of socks with a promise ‘’to knock my socks off’’ to bouquets of flowers with the resume tucked inside.

  • I’m afraid the process of selection is ruthless. Two piles entitled yes and no and a few seconds attention on each resume.
  •  I, like most business owners, want to work with people I like and admire, so I want to see the human behind the written document quickly, because I’m looking for a team member who is natural, open, personable and genuine
  • I also look to see if the resume has been written as a generic document or a personal approach to me, my team, clients and business because we treat our clients as individuals (no cookie cutter approach) so I want you to care. Tailor your resume carefully to the job you are applying for.
  • It goes to reason that for a job that requires comms, writing and presentation skills there should be no typos or formatting errors so I’m looking for accuracy and attention to detail
  • The next criteria is relevance – what makes you and your history relevant to my company, my clients and the rest of my extraordinary team – have you any experience or internships in agencies?
  • Next, when we make contact you respond quickly, get into see my management team quickly and are honest about other jobs you are interviewing for, so we don’t waste each others time.

Finally, on interview day, arrive early, dress to die for, shake hands, look me in the eye and don’t forget to smile. Relax and enjoy the experience because potential employers are just as excited about meeting you!

Sharon Williams, Taurus Founder and CEO

Article by Holly Royce



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