Sharon Williams Speaking at MyNetFone Group

Founder & CEO of Taurus Marketing, Sharon Williams shares her thoughts on marketing strategy and branding to Tech Entrepreneurs at MyNetFone!

The MyNetFone team were so professional in running this event. Crystal Liu thank you for all the excellent coordination and smooth and easy run-up. We were so impressed. The audience was engaged and interesting and the speakers committed and experienced. Sharon particularly enjoyed hearing about your philosophy as a company and what you have planned for Australian customers and personally enjoyed presenting in front of one of the most spectacular screens ever! The TaurusBullsye™ looked great!

“I couldn’t think of a more fitting person to open our first in a series of events. Sharon is clearly an exceptional speaker who knows how to relate material directly and relevantly to the audience. My clients all remarked how much they took from the session and my marketing team were blown away by the quality of what was presented. I cannot recommend Sharon and Taurus Marketing enough and am looking forward to the next time we can work together.” Lee Atkinson, Managing Director, MyNetFone.


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