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Sharon Williams in Inside Small Business – Top tips for small businesses on the road to recovery!

Taurus CEO/Founder, Sharon Williams was featured on Inside Small Business with her “Top tips for small businesses on the road to recovery”.

“New normal, pivot, a virtual world, reinvention, new strategies, and making the most of your digital communication capabilities. These are just some of the terms we wake up to since we started to navigate our way along the tough road to recovery, and to staying in business. And, to think three months ago before COVID-19 turned our lives upside-down, you were probably working five, six or maybe even seven days a week.

Just like the rest of your team (many of whom are still working from home now or are on reduced hours in the hope to return to normal) and while it was always hard to make ends meet it wasn’t nearly as complex as the position we find ourselves in today.

Lots of things have changed in a very short space of time and as a small business, we need to battle-hard to meet head-on the challenges ahead in these uncharted waters. Advice and tips are being handed out by the plenty and a lot of them make sense, while others may not.

At the end of the day, it comes down to common sense. Survival is paramount. Survivors are ethos with the initiative to know the priority is to re-strategise and pivot for longevity.” – Sharon Williams, CEO/Founder, Taurus

For Sharon’s 3 steps on how to navigate business & the full article click here.

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