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Last night I sat down, exhausted from another full, challenging and rewarding day working from home at Taurus Marketing. ASX results, companies planning to IPO, 23 active prospects, hiring new team members, media interviews and of course family responsibilities.  The Taurus extended exec team blow me away each day with their commitment, growth, ideas, dedication to Taurus clients and me. Watching them grow and excel (and have them teach me!) is one of my biggest joys. And then there is the Covid news to process and breathe through – this lockdown is so hard for so many.

Which was why when the Abba documentary came on channel 7, I had to put my laptop down and watch.

Uplifting, simple, memorable, co-ordinated, committed – a team for over 10 years and still creating success from their music with shows ‘’MammaMia’’ that raked in $602.9 million, plus 2 movies, ABBA have stood the test of time as a commercial business opportunity – refreshing and reinventing. While the girls Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad have taken more of a back seat, the boys Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus have gone on to take what they originally created and refresh it to win new fans with new mediums.

Reinvented and refreshed even with slight alterations to the famous base lyrics, ABBA are reaching new audiences and gaining new fans almost 40 years after they split as a group in 1982. My favourite Dancing Queen remains one of the most popular wedding songs of all time.

Now is not the time to hide away, find who and what your brand can be in 2021 and beyond. This could be your most successful period.

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