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Planting the seeds for tomorrow’s leaders future success

What do you get when you bring together 70 of the state’s chosen leaders from 17 independent schools? A recipe for success, according to Sharon Williams.

Speaking recently at St. Andrew’s Cathedral school, in Sydney, Sharon shared a variety of tips for the senior students, who all hold head student positions within their schools.

To help them on their journey as leaders, Sharon discussed the 7 traits of being a leader, which are: passion, faith, integrity, tenacity, focus, empathy and grace.

She also spoke about the importance of teams in their roles as leaders. Sharon shared some of the key tactics for how best to manage a team based on her experience in the corporate world, including her 17 years of running the Taurus business:

  • Brief the team as one – it gets the team on side and ensures everyone knows what they are doing. It also fosters a team mentality so each member knows they are not alone
  • Skills of your team – recognise what your team are good at and use it to your advantage
  • Delegate – choose the right person for job and vary the workload
  • Accountability – add deadlines to promote a sense of ownership for the task at hand
  • Mentor – this is your chance to really lead. Who needs help and who might be struggling?
  • EQ – Emotional Intelligence. Watch the well being of your team and help them back on track if required
  • Respect – every member of your team is valuable
  • Debrief – a must. Debrief, recap and reward – never stop learning!

Finally, Sharon counselled the student leaders on the all-important subject of social media and how it can impact their roles as school representatives both positively and negatively.

Sharon comments, “These students will be tomorrow’s leaders. Already, they are leaders within their schools, so I’m honoured to have been able to share my experiences from the business world in the hope it can aid them on their journeys.”

If you’re interested in inviting Sharon to speak at your business, school or event, click here for more information.

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