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#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusFastTrack© Intern Blog Spot – Ajit Ramyavaran

My experience as an intern at Taurus Marketing was a great learning experience. The environment I was in encouraged me to be open to learning and have a positive attitude to continuously challenge myself.

TaurusFastTrack intern program has allowed me to step into and gain experience and understanding of the marketing and PR industry. It changed my previous misconceptions about PR and let me observe the daily hard work and effort that was required.

The Taurus team are an exemplary group of individuals who are driven, ambitious and creative beyond extent. They were constantly willing to help and mentor me in the aspects of marketing and PR. The team always had a laugh and worked in an environment where they motivate one another to work harder but be able to enjoy it. This was due to the top-down structure, as CEO Sharon Williams brings with her a positive attitude and a cheerful personality ready to help and mentor at all times.

What Taurus has taught me, is the ability to prioritise tasks and manage time in an efficient manner. My skills of researching have grown tremendously as I was able to help with company and prospect research I was able to determine which information and content were most valuable. I’ve also learnt how to create and manage a social media post schedule and the impact it can have on marketing.

Overall, my experience at Taurus is something I will cherish and take with me wherever I go – the skills, the experience and the team have left a great impact that will serve me well in the days to come.

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