#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog by Emily Wei

Before the TaurusAcademy© program, I’d never experienced what it was like to work in an office environment, but I knew it was something my future career path would involve. The internship program at Taurus was an incredibly valuable steppingstone and learning experience in alleviating that uncertainty that many young adults experience when they approach the next stage of their life after school.

Given the opportunity to work with various members of the Taurus team in a supportive, collaborative environment, I received a range of tasks that allowed me to apply my skills and finally witness the practicality of my university studies – from quarterly presentations, interview briefs, media monitoring and client prospecting. I learnt how to manage my time, gained a deeper understanding into the work involved in real-life PR and marketing agency and how to deal with different types of clients.

Throughout my internship I was also included in many fun weekly team meetings and was able to experience the dynamics of a modern workplace as Sharon, our CEO, would always find numerous ways to incorporate her experiences into helpful advice. From career insights to tips on how to pitch effectively, her words and actions were truly reflective of her as a mentor figure.

Most importantly though, the three-month experience has taught me new things about myself that I didn’t know before – my strengths, my weaknesses, my interests, my dislikes.

So, while my journey with Taurus Marketing has come to an end I can honestly say I will continue to bring this internship experience with me into the future.

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