#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog By Rosemary Lennon

My internship with Taurus Marketing was a highly rewarding experience and one which I will cherish for the rest of my life. It was a perfect introduction to the work from home life and one which I will value highly moving forward in my professional career and in my life.

What I found most valuable during my internship was understanding all the inner workings of the PR and Marketing world, with a support team who guided and encouraged me along the way. Despite the pandemic, it felt so rewarding to be part of a team that encouraged me to keep working and express my creativity in every task.

Throughout my internship, I got to learn how to improve my writing and research skills, as well as curate social media posts that generated maximum engagement whilst staying true to a brand’s values. I was able to experience first hand how a professional business is run and how to effectively manage my time and prioritise tasks in an efficient and responsible way.

Due to COVID-19, I was not being able to meet all the wonderful people in person as I did the internship from home, but nonetheless, it was lovely to start the mornings with everyone on zoom with a cup of tea in the comfort of our own homes, ready to get to work.

My advice to future interns and the leaders of tomorrow is to get out there and give everything a go. Life is short, and it’s up to you to make the most of every opportunity given your way.

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