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New Client Announcement, IV League Drips, Sydney’s Leading Mobile IV Concierge

Founded in 2018 by Rosalie McEvedy, a medical professional with over five years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, IV League Drips specialises in preventative vitamin, mineral and nutrient solutions for optimised body function, inner health, and wellness. IV League Drips is Sydney’s first fully mobile IV drip service, bringing the convenience and benefits of IV therapy to your home or workplace.

While traveling, the idea of creating IV League Drips came to Rosalie when she came across integrative approaches in medicine and she first discovered the efficacy of using IV drips as a means to administer crucial vitamins and nutrients, especially to patients who were otherwise deficient. Inspired by preventative medicine and leveraging her background in pharmacy and nursing, Rosalie decided to bring the health and wellness trend back to Sydney.

Today, the integrative doctors and medical professionals who make up the IV League team – each with extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields – assist and treat people from a range of different health backgrounds.

With no two treatments alike, IV League Drips provide exclusive and scientifically grounded compound drips and intramuscular injections, delivered in their purest form, diffused directly into the bloodstream for maximum absorption. By exploring any specific vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances or lifestyle factors, IV League Drips develops a structured treatment plan tailored to the individual.

Services include IV Drips from Immunity, Skinny, Energy and Tranquillity to booster shots of vitamin D and B12. IV’s are available for corporate offices, parties, events, at home and in beauty salons, to get in touch contact +61 420 470 704 or email [email protected] www.ivleaguedrips.com

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