Taurus Friend, Michael Jacobsen Launches ‘Entrepreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders’ Book

Taurus friend Michael Jacobsen has launched ‘Entrepreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders’ a book with over 20 compelling interviews with leading Australian and international entrepreneurs and innovators.

The stories endeavour into the ‘Captains of Industry’ including household personalities and companies, with insights into the secrets of their successes.

The tales are authentic, warm and inspirational and the book is a great read for anyone wanting to uncover the DNA of success including entrepreneurs, start-ups and established business leaders.

“Entrepreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders are the bedrock of the global economy. We need more of these people in business, academia and in corporations. Entrepreneurship isn’t just about getting rich and famous. It is a much deeper pursuit. This book uncovers a rare combination of factors that lead to success, through the eyes of those who have made it.”   Michael says. 

CEO Sharon Williams is proud to have endorsed the book, mentioned in the forward stating “Michael’s charm, energy and tenacity in compiling his rich insight into some of our best brains is inspiring and insightful. A must read for anyone in any field of work, business or just starting out.’

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