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Maintaining Internal Communications and Company Culture in A Virtual World

The global pandemic has been the catalyst for a remote work revolution, reshaping the way we work, operate and communicate. As we navigate to a post-COVID-19 business landscape, it’s becoming clear the new way of work will be a hybrid of remote and physical office spaces.

While we’re living in a new reality, (that is constantly evolving!), one thing to remember is that at heart, most employees are motivated by team culture. Successful business leaders who uphold a strong organisational culture understand it is critical to business success and continuity.

A few months ago, we said goodbye to Friday night team drinks and bottomless brunches. Although working styles have changed, it doesn’t mean we need to lose the rich and lively business culture that managers and leaders have worked so hard to build within your business.

Here are some tips on how to raise morale, stay connected and empower your remote staff in a virtual world:

  1. Have an internal communication strategy in place

Employees are your most important asset. As you navigate through unprecedented times, be mindful that your team plays a pivotal role in business continuity. Smart leaders know the importance of engaged internal stakeholders in organisational culture to drive business success. Keep your staff feeling positive, optimistic and actively engaged with the constant demands of change in today’s world.  Communication is a rich and valuable tool in these testing times. So, keep your staff in the loop, be open, over-communicate, provide daily updates and host virtual (or socially distanced face-to-face) meetings.

  1. Morning huddles

Morning huddles and virtual cuddles are a thing! The Taurus team have been doing this for 25 years (pre-COVID). Quick morning team meetings are a great way for any business to start the day. It allows employees to come together and share their goals, to-do list for the day and provides them with a platform to brainstorm, socialise and navigate through any challenges. It’s an effective way to go over company updates and keep teams informed of what is happening with the business. Making employees feel included, giving them an opportunity to communicate openly and holding them accountable provides a positive working culture aiding overall work performance.

  1. Virtual social parties! #PRDarling!

Improvise and be creative with virtual drinks, brunches and coffees! These are fun and spirited ways for employees to bond while working from home. It allows people to break away from the professional environment, relax and bond with their fellow colleagues. This is an uplifting way to boost morale, so take time to have a laugh and maintain the personal connections within the team.

  1. Team wellness activities

Slowly becoming a screen addict? Being glued to your seat can’t be good for the long run. Get active with your team through fun wellness activities such as yoga or pilates and take your calls over a walk. With these fun initiatives, teams can bond and stay connected with different activities that encourage physical movement.  With so many changes in the way workplaces are run, many employees would have found this transition difficult and unsettling as it can be difficult to thrive under the pressure of change. Wellness activities not only provide employees with coping strategies to manage their mental health but also maintains team bonding experiences.

  1. Create open lines of communication

Thanks to technology there are a variety of platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp and more that empowers businesses to stay in regular contact. Setting up an open channel for communication is vital for ongoing teamwork, collaboration and discussions in an environment that makes working together a challenge.

  1. Making the small things count

Not everything has to be work or project related. Call in and check in on your teammates. Big meeting coming up? Sending a text wishing someone good luck or organising a zoom call just to say hello can transform someone’s day and make the virtual world seem smaller.  Maintaining this connection that we have as not only colleagues but as friends, is paramount during these times. As we are held back from dining with friends, seeing family members or interacting with co-workers, our need for human interaction is stronger than ever.  Small initiatives can go a long way.

Maintaining open lines of communication with co-workers and organising group activities, will able teams to better adjust to the long-term working from home model. By harnessing team connections, encouraging human interaction and building business culture, productivity and collaboration will prosper well into the future.

How can Taurus help drive positive, practical, cultural & internal communications management?

We have been working in cultural change for over 25 years and have seen first-hand how engagement strategies have changed.

Taurus offers a range of services from strategy, creative themes, tactical implementations such as a virtual webinar, EDMs, internal newsletter, videos, or interactive digital strategy, to implementing a full employee engagement program. Get in touch with us to see how we can help at [email protected]

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