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Longstanding Taurus client Natasha Chadwick has insightful conversation on aged care reform with Bill Crews 

Taurus client and aged care pioneer Natasha Chadwick recently appeared on Sunday Nights with Bill Crew, the 2GB radio program focused on sharing insightful conversations with key Australian leaders. Natasha and Bill explored all aspects of the aged care industry, including the need for better support from the Government and regulators for aged care reform and innovation.  

Natasha is the Founder and Managing Director of NewDirection Care, the family business behind the world’s first aged care MICRO TOWN®. In her interview she discussed her thoughts on the 2024 Federal Budget, her dedication to the sector for nearly 30 years and her submissions to the Aged Care Taskforce and draft Aged Care Act.  

Natasha believes that in order for aged care to transform into the future industry the Government and Australian population wants, a greater emphasis and investment in innovation is crucial. 

Natasha and Bill also discussed recent research which found 50% of aged care residents suffer from depression, an overwhelming and unfortunate statistic. Natasha is proud to work hard to ensure she improves the quality of life of her own residents, as well as staff. “At NewDirection Care, our numbers are significantly lower than this statistic and is closer to the general community level. It shows our focus on quality of life and our programs are working.” 

Listen to the full segment here 

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