Lessons in Personal Branding

Speaking at Social Media Series – Build Your Profile with Social Media event, Sharon Williams shared her advice on how to build your personal brand on social media.

Here are some of the top tips from the presentation:

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1. Build your digital resume

Trace your social media presence by searching for your name on Google. This will give you a good overview of your current social media status. Ensure that your social media sites are up to date and no irrelevant personal information can be found online.  By blogging on current issues you develop a bank of content that will give your brand greater coverage.

Remember: 56% of business blog users say that their blog has helped position their company as a thought leader within the industry

2. Whether you like it or not, you are captain of your personal brand

Take responsibility to be yourself with purpose. If you don’t engage, someone else will on your behalf. It is important to take charge of your personal brand and closely monitor and manage development across social media. It is an opportunity to share your personal brand with a growing, diverse and international market.

Remember:  90% of Australian internet users rely on social media for opinions and information about products, services and brands

3. Work your database – 10 before 10

‘YOU’ are your best sale-making tool. Make 10 calls before 10am each day and watch activity increase. Reach out to your contacts and start building your social media community with a ready-made database.

4. Review industry events and attend

A social media presence must be matched by physical reality. By attending industry events, you raise brand awareness and open up opportunities to talk about your business. All future contact and news can then be channelled back through your social media channels.

2 comments on “Lessons in Personal Branding

  1. Jaqui Lane on

    Sharon, great, simple advice but most people I work with and for don’t want to make the effort. Its too much like selling…which is exactly what it is. Too many people thing that if they build a website and create a Facebook page clients and customers will come flocking. As I said to one friend recently, that attitude is like investing all your money in shop, the fit-out, the stock, branding and staff and then hoping that people will automatically know you exist. Good to know someone else is telling the basic truths about marketing via social media. There’s no short cut to getting off your butt and making it happen.


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