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Lauren Hannaford FHIT Program

Looking to balance work life and fitness? We invite you to try FHIT by Lauren Hannaford, an online fitness training program you can do anywhere, anytime – no equipment needed!

FHIT is based on a holistic approach to training and life. It’s all about HEALTH, HEART and HAPPINESS. It’s about real results for real bodies by achieving greater levels of overall health, fitness, mobility and functional movement. 

With FHIT, you will have access to health and fitness advice where and when they want it! Be it at home, at work, or whilst travelling, all you need is an internet connection and you’re set! No equipment, no gym, just a personal coach who happens to be Lauren Hannaford. Subscribers also receive special personalised messages from Lauren Hannaford, regular blog updates and personal check-in messages to keep users in check, motivated and on track! 

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