Sharon williams

July note from CEO Sharon Williams

After running a business for 22 years, I’ve learnt it’s not OK to stand still and complacency is not acceptable. Just as you get comfortable, you have to throw it all up in the air and re-examine opportunities. I first looked at co-working spaces 4 yrs ago and registered my interest. At that time, I was concerned the space seemed solely set-up for hot desks and start-ups and this wouldn’t accurately reflect our long history and reputation. Since then, Wework have opened half a dozen addresses in the main city centre –  two either side of the Taurus office – and my peer group and big IT brands have moved in with extraordinary benefits.  So four years later, we are here. Still in the city, 400 m from our former office, surrounded by buzz, energy, entrepreneurs and the most beautiful balcony overlooking the harbour. It rocks and so do my extraordinary team who have backed the move. As have many of you. Thank you for all the words of encouragement – we are proud to be here, innovating, adapting and ready for our next chapter.

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