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How you can use PR for growth & avoid ‘flying under the radar’

Many companies are focused on ‘growth’, with the job title ‘Chief Growth Officer’ becoming increasingly popular, some even replacing their CMO’s with CGO’s. It’s important to have a communications strategy to sit alongside your business objectives.

Some may like the idea of ‘flying under the radar’, in terms of engaging in marketing activities and PR strategies for their company but what good does that say for your brand? What does it say to your customers? Well it says nothing.

If you are in a room full of people and you don’t talk to anyone – are you going to come away with any potential customers? Probably not, unless they recognised you from somewhere & looked you up, but you’d need to build a Personal Brand Profile for your peers and those in your network and industry space to note who you are, what you do and why you’re so good at it.

In other words, without a PR and communications strategy, how is your company going to grow? How are future clients, or potential acquirers, partnerships and suppliers going to know about you?

A PR strategy focuses on raising awareness, presence & raising the profile of a brand amongst potential customers, staff, partners, referrers and acquirers or investors and increases the valuation of a company by shaping public perception of a brand positively.

It’s a tool to help boost your reputability, credibility and viability with your customers. They are more motivated to maintain relations with your company, purchase more products, engage with your services if know what you stand for, who you are, what you’ve done and where you’re going.

Some key elements covered in a PR Strategy include:

  • Key Messaging – What do you want to say about your business and your brand?
  • Thought Leadership – building your spokespeople as key opinion leaders and experts in your field.
  • Share of Voice – Steps to increase your brand awareness
  • Building Relationships – with key stakeholders, media, partners, etc.
  • Case Studies – building your business benefits via your own customers
  • Media Coverage – taking your stories out there in the media

Why not just advertise? PR is more than just an economical option, its third-party endorsement which means it’s perceived with a high degree of credibility & profile. It’s viewed completely differently to a paid advert. You can produce powerful advertising campaigns, but you also need to start a conversation and say something with it – if you have the budget for both!

How can we help? At Taurus we’ve taken businesses – small, medium and big through this process using our tried and tested trademarked methodology TaurusBullseye™ to help them meet their business objectives and go for growth! From start-ups to enterprises to universities and consumer brands, we’re here to ensure your hard work and good work don’t simply “fly under the radar”.

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