How to increase engagement with an effective video marketing strategy

Harnessing the power of video as part of your marketing strategy is a must in today’s competitive landscape to standout. We’ve seen firsthand how communications have radically moved online because of COVID-19. Virtual and MORE VISUAL content is not optional. It’s essential.

Video is a dynamic creative medium that’s established itself as one of the most effective ways to deliver an engaging message in our always-connected, information-intensive environment. Audio-visual information tends to be stickier than written material, being more stimulating and retainable for your audience.

Social media platforms have innovated their services to seize the video trend for optimal engagement with Facebook’s newest video-watching section, LinkedIn’s long-video upload options and Instagram’s IGTV and Reels, supporting the rise of video content not only as entertainment but information, education and connection.

According to research, 87 percent of businesses now use video marketing as a tool and 83 percent of marketers reported a positive ROI from using video. The question is, how do you create effective video content to make your brand stand out? Here are some tips that will help you increase engagement with a video marketing strategy for your business:

1. Video communicates more than words

Corporate videos are the perfect medium to attract business executives who are short on time and would like their information in a concise and engaging format. Video content allows businesses to communicate and audiences to consume valuable information quickly and easily with maximum impact. Customers can learn more about your company, products, vision, you name it, in a compact and appealing way. How-to videos, webinars and case study videos not only offer amazing value to your audience but set you up as a thought leader. Video builds connection, brand authenticity and trust with your audience with messages that resonate and a more personable approach.

2. Think about the viewer experience

Content and production quality are important factors to consider in achieving a viewer-friendly and effective video. The use of a professional videographer and setup can help deliver high-quality work that meets your vision and expectations. You want your videos to go hand in hand with the value of your offering and accurately reflect your brand image, to foster positive brand association. Personalized video communication exudes effort on your part, and people love to feel special.

3. Your call to action is the cherry on top

The purpose of video content is to influence and encourage action. Corporate videos can be used to build intrigue, prime leads to decision making, nurture existing clients, increasing your followers, or driving conversation and shareability. It is your responsibility to outline next steps for your audience, what you want them to do and how they do it.

4. Optimise your videos for SEO

Using videos in different types of content and including them on your main web pages can improve your SEO rankings in search engines. However, you must keep in mind that those videos need to be optimised accordingly to appear first in the search results. By incorporating the right keywords, strong titles and solid descriptions of the video search engines will perceive those videos a high-quality content and boost your results. The reason search engines love videos is that videos make visitors spend more time on your site. This exposure is translated as quality content and trustworthy to the search engine. Research shows featuring a video on your landing page or homepage is a great way to hook prospects!

5. Video length

Long-form videos (10 minutes or more) are great to showcase your purpose and value proposition, helping you build your brand identity and following, whereas short-form videos are optimal for platform algorithms and converting to action. Either way, you have 5 seconds regardless of the length of the video to capture the viewer’s attention or lose it!

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