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Happy Halloween – a scary lesson on sharing

Social media and privacy have always played a game of tag. Timed perfectly with Halloween, a viral which has already reached over 5million Facebook likes will make you think twice about the information you post on your wall.

Take This Lollipop is a interactive live action Facebook connect experience. From the Marketing Director who brought us Elf Yourself Take This Lollipop is a clever online experience which demonstrates how an interactive viral video can raise awareness about a serious issue.

If you are not one of the millions who have already clicked and shared, the viral is like a scene from a horror film and depicts a creepy man gaining information from your Facebook profile. The video uses tool Facebook Connect to dip into your profile and link with your photos, updates, friends and location, displaying your information on the screen the creepy man is looking at.

The video was made to make people stop and think about the information they were sharing on Facebook and with the millions of likes, shares, number of Tweets, blog posts and news articles this eerie video has certainly got people talking, freaked and tapped into their privacy concerns. This viral works so well as it engages personally with each user and creates an emotional response.

Find out yourself how much Take This Lollipop can find out from you. Happy Halloween folks!

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