Global leader in crisis and disaster management technology Noggin launches Epidemic Response Module to address the threat of COVID-19

Taurus is excited to embark on a new venture working on the PR launch and ongoing campaign of Noggin’s free Epidemic Response Module (ERM), to help Australian businesses prepare for, and manage their response to, the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare their return to work plans.

The next-generation technology offers a mobile and desktop software package comprising practical solutions and dashboards designed to help organisations get through the critical pandemic event, encompassing solutions for business continuity, crisis management, travel risk management, and worker safety interventions. The ERM solution pack tackles the lifecycle of epidemic investigation and management, providing situational awareness, authoritative guidelines, maps, and facts, best practice plans and checklists, case management for affected workers, and update, task, and decision logs.

Responding to increased demand and evolving to protect businesses from the impacts of the crisis, Noggin developed a specialised ERM for healthcare, designed for public health agencies, hospitals, aged care facilities, healthcare providers, and any facility needing to assist the COVID-19 pandemic health response. Noggin’s ERM supports not only corporate customers but the broader community with a Mobile Healthcare Command Centre for the duration of the pandemic.

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