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Game-Changing Social Media Trends That Could Transform Your 2020

Are you looking to up your game in social media and attract more valuable traffic? Staying on top of social media trends is one of the best things you can do for marketing your brand. Let’s take a look at some up-and-coming 2020 trends.

1.  The rise of niche social media platforms

Facebook and Instagram have long had the reigns on the social media world for years but niche platforms, such as video streaming site TikTok, have quickly risen in popularity. These platforms have the ability to cater to specific groups or demographics and their interests, making them increasing valuable compared to mass markets of Facebook and Instagram users.

TikTok is a video platform, first emerging in China, with users spending at approximately 45 minutes per day on the platform (more than Facebook). Other rising platforms include LinkedIn (preferred for B2B marketing), Reddit (user generated content) and Twitch (video game streaming).

2. Video becomes the dominating medium

Video content will soon become the go-to for social media users across a vast array of platforms, whether it be TikTok, Stories or Youtube. Even video calling and audio messages will see a rise in 2020 as businesses and consumers become more global, making face-to-face meetings less frequent.

The stories feature on platforms that were once saturated by text and photo are becoming increasing valuable in attracting traffic. However, the challenge is turning that traffic into a loyal customer base and the only companies that are currently overcoming this are Facebook and Google.

3. Decreasing organic reach for businesses

The decline of organic social media campaigns comes as a result of the increased competition on consumers’ News Feeds. Facebook and Instagram’s News Feed ranking system relies on the relevancy of posts relation to the user. More and more businesses are choosing not to leave it up to algorithms to decide whether their posts appear on consumer’s New Feeds.

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