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Four ways to instantly improve your LinkedIn profile

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn?

If you haven’t given your profile a recent update, now is the time to do it! LinkedIn is the perfect platform for personal branding and to help build yourself a strong presence within the professional social network. Remember that visitors usually make assumptions based on who you are by looking at your profile, so make it count!

Essentially, it is most helpful for job searches and networking.

Here are 4 tips you should follow to ensure you are optimising your LinkedIn account:

1. Use a professional profile picture

Your profile picture is your first visual impression. Employers will usually see your photo before you get the chance to meet them in person. Use a high-quality, professional headshot with a simple background and dress in business attire. You want to present yourself on LinkedIn the same way you would when you have an interview.

2. Write a good headline

Your headline appears right below your name, it is highly visible as it is the first thing visitors to your page will see. Your page’s headline should include your job title and company’s name. Make it original and clear by using relevant keywords used within your field or industry as you want to entice readers to learn more about you and your experience. You can use Google AdWords Keyword tool to help direct the right traffic to your page. A good headline can grab readers’ attention and increase your likelihood of being discovered through search. It is limited to 120 characters, so be as concise and creative as you can.

3. Only add relevant work experience

Instead of adding all your previous jobs, only add relevant work experiences that have benefit you. Below each role, add a list of your accomplishments and area of focus. If you’re working on a new project or have achieved something amazing in your current role, remember to update your current work experience every once in a while, as your job description may also change while you’re working.

4. Skills and recommendations

Add skills that are relevant and ask your friends and colleagues to endorse you. Instead of listing a wide variety of skills and having no endorsements, try to list fewer skills that are most important to you. Always remember to update your skills section every time you learn a new skill and remove irrelevant skills that do not directly correlate with your career. Additionally, you can add recommendations which can show visitors that you can be trusted. Ideally, your recommendations would be written by those that you have already worked with in the past.

If you’ve been thinking of utilising your LinkedIn profile to build your personal brand and maximise your online potential, get in touch to find out how we can help – 02 9415 4528 or [email protected]

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