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Expanding the team by two new champions

Charlotte Riddle has worked with us casually for many years while pursuing an acting career and has committed to a full-time position in sales and PR. Charlotte is excited about developing her skills in marketing and social media and one day hopes to start her own business. She has a background in performing arts (she went to the same school as the Hemsworth brothers) and enjoys socialising, so looking forward to watching her thrive at Taurus.

Selen Sen is currently studying Communications at UTS and has started with Taurus as a Marketing Executive working closely with Sharon our CEO. Having previously worked for IT company Empired she has decided to launch her comms career with us. We are excited to see Selen develop her communication skills and grow at Taurus.

Both F45 fanatics, our new health nuts have already brought in a health kick to Taurus – with protein powder stocked up in the kitchen and green veggies appearing in our wine and cheese fridge.

We love welcoming, teaching and helping young people and after 20 years Taurus continues to launch the most successful careers.

Know of anyone who is looking for an intern position or employment? Let us know!

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