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Doughlish edible cookie dough

In line with our commitment to support young entrepreneurs, brothers Adam and Saul Caspary joined our client list in October to launch their new edible cookie dough company. Having seen the light in the US, the boys have bought scoops of fun and edible cookie dough to Sydney. Doughlish is available from 30th January 2018 in Westfield Paramatta with more locations to come.

Working closely with a leading chef, the Doughlish team have crafted gourmet cookie dough high in quality, rich in flavour with a ‘melt in your mouth’ texture. Launching with seven flavours, expect hand-crafted goodness such as Honeycomb Salted Caramel, Brownie and Reese’s!

Your childhood dreams of cleaning Nan’s cookie bowl will soon be a reality! Know of any other young entrepreneurs who need the Taurus touch?


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