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Crypto-nite Or The Way Of The Future? Either Way It’s An Exciting Ride

Cryptocurrency…is it a risk or a reward? Either way it’s an exciting ride with the crypto’s potential being enormous. It has the ability to increase efficiency, solve several challenges of the current system and create a more inclusive economy.

Some believe crypto is the future of money. Others think it’s a bubble, a scam or the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. Whatever it is now, it’s too big to ignore. But when you think of investing in crypto, things can become complicated with so many different coins to consider. Several coins perform better at one or more of the required characteristics, such as scaling up in terms of size and user.

Taurus client, Christopher Zinn shared his insights in the Herald Sun on the current excitement of crypto’s potential and the aspects investors should consider when it comes to it’s risks and rewards.

Read Chris’ column on page 53 of the Herald Sun Sunday paper here

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