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Client Announcement – Sentral Education

A big welcome to Sentral, Australia’s rising EduTech provider who joined us in October working for the first time with a PR firm. We are delighted to be chosen by Yusuf and his team at Sentral to help increase brand awareness in conjunction with the launch of their latest product – Class Builder. Taurus has achieved coverage in key media publications.

Sentral is helping to increase productivity and efficiency to allow teachers to spend more time in the classroom. The Sentral team had not approached media relations before and Taurus is engaged to break new marketing territory to announce their new product Class Builder, a data-driven tool that automates building a class list.

The software uses a teacher logic algorithm to combine teacher insights into students with the aim of creating a more balanced classroom. It takes into account student academic abilities, behaviour and friendships with peers. Class Builder is essentially a system that optimizes the placement of students in a class, assisting teachers through logic algorithms to combine insights on individual students and create balanced classes at a click of a button. For the first time, these insights not only account for a student’s behavioural and academic abilities but consider friendships with their peers as well.

We look forward to taking Sentral to the education and technology media sectors, build brand credibility and grease the wheels of the sales process as a result!

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