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Client Announcement – Matt Levy is available for speaking engagements to inspire and motivate

Taurus is proud to be working with Matt Levy, winner of 2 Paralympic Gold medals and an Order of Australia recipient who recently launched a book “Keeping your head above water”.

Born a premature baby, Matt Levy had to face the debilitating effects of cerebral palsy, partial blindness, deafness and the inability to walk. Instead of giving up in the face of these formidable obstacles, Matt pushed through and beat the odds. Today, Matt is a renowned public speaker, a gold medallist swimmer, an Order of Australia Medal awardee, a leader and a writer.

‘’Keeping your head above water’’ is filled with inspiring stories of how Matt was able to overcome his challenges in life. Born with disabilities has not diverted him from going on to win several gold medals in some of the world’s most competitive swimming competitions. His book reveals inspirational insights from this “true champion of life” and how he was able to stay dedicated, resilient and achieve his goals using his 7-steps SUCCESS framework, making it a truly valuable book for anyone who needs inspiration.

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