Client Announcement – Airvida

Taurus is having fun working with iBle Technology for the launch of their new product Airvida – the world’s smallest air purifier under our TaurusPR© offering. 

With options for both adults and children, no matter where you are or what elements surround you, you can breathe easier with Airvida – a wearable air purifier tried and tested to generate more than 2 million ions/cm3 every 0.6 seconds, 100 times more than a forest. 

Some key features include – 

  • Airvida product is tested can effectively reduce 99.9% of common viruses in the air such as the seasonal flu and common cold 
  • Each product generates more than 2 million negative ions/cm3, 100 times more than the forest! 
  • It works to purify PM2.5, reduce pollutants, pollen, airborne allergies, and smoke around the face 
  • Airvida complies to European CE standards, Airvida meets CE radiation regulation to ensure your health and safety 
  • The award-winning range of air purifiers will soon be available in Australia and promises trendy, ergonomic designs that you can incorporate into any occasion, for improved air quality no matter where life takes you. 

Through TaurusPR©, Airvida has been recently featured in Sky News, APC Magazine, Appliance Retailer, Channel News, Dynamic Business, Image Matrix Tech and  Tech Guide.

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