Taurus unlocks social media potential and builds confidence

Vicky Bartolacci, current Managing Director of Kineo APAC has over a decade of experience in online training content and cloud-based workforce management systems. Prior to Kineo, Vicky was the General Manager of e3Learning where she ran a multi-award winning, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and BRW top 100 winning company as part of City & Guilds.

In 2018, e3Learning and Kineo APAC joined forces and began operating under the Kineo APAC brand with Vicky becoming MD of the new organisation. Kineo APAC, also part of the City & Guilds Group, brings a history of corporate learning both nationally and overseas to deliver personalised learning experiences, technology and systems that deliver workplace training and next generation corporate eLearning content and management systems.

Prior to the joint venture, Vicky held high credibility within the industry and was seeking to boost her personal brand digitally by building her confidence, knowledge and presence on social media platforms Twitter and LinkedIn.

Cementing reputation off line with a well-developed online plan

Taurus was commissioned to work closely with Vicky to help define and position her profile ready for growth. Our role was to build her position as a thought leader and potential board director of key industry bodies. Under the trademarked TaurusProfile™ strategy session Taurus built a plan that would raise Vicky’s profile, with an overall goal to grow the business and generate awareness of e3Learning and Kineo. Taurus started off by conducting a messaging and positioning strategy, where we reviewed and expanded Vicky’s key messages. We consolidated her personal brand program with a focus on social media utilising it to connect with business groups and key industry influencers. We wanted Vicky not only in the online space but actively out there getting in touch with her target audience by securing speaking opportunities, attend events and meet key industry influencers.

A methodical approach to creating an online presence

Through TaurusSocial© we helped implement a strategic plan for Vicky to establish a social media presence on Twitter and boost her activity and thought leadership on LinkedIn.

The main objective was to boost Vicky’s confidence, knowledge and understanding of Twitter and LinkedIn,show her how to use these social media platforms and the value they would bring to her personal and corporate brand.

Taurus provided continuous mentoring to Vicky, consulting on tonality, competitor analysis, relevant and topical posts, hashtags and industry tags and helping her prioritise social media.

From set up to a consistently improving channel

From kick off in 2017, Phase 2 of the brief in 2018 was to focus on quality as well as quantity. The aim was to deepen the impact of Vicky’s reach to notable individuals by demonstrating a strategic benefit to e3Learning, maintain the volume of posting and to encourage and build relationships.

By coaching Vicky to take on more of the social media execution and supporting her to interact and comment with other profiles her began to see notable results. Taurus developed a content calendar for Vicky with key themes and topics of interest that aligned with her expertise. Vicky’s posts grew in quality and quantity until she was regularly taking part in key industry commentary.

By the beginning of 2018, Vicky had formed online relationships with key industry bodies and personalities including Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD), Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA).