TRT is best known for supplying IBM pSeries hard-ware, services and maintenance to UNIX users. Sourcing products from overseas suppliers gives TRT a competitive edge with hard to beat pricing, excellent customer service and fast delivery times.

Traditionally focused on direct sales with limited marketing activity, when the company looked to expand into new markets, TRT engaged Taurus to kickstart the branding process and help put the marketing infrastructure in place. The Taurus team worked over a four month period to differentiate the brand, position TRT in the market and produce a series of case studies. The marketing project helped position the TRT brand and the new product offerings.

Huge growth with no internal marketing department

Domenic Romanelli, Managing Director of TRT explains, “Taurus helped us with some major new marketing initiatives during a period of immense growth. We were in the transition process from being an IBM reseller to becoming an IBM, Sun and HP reseller.

We had a number of marketing projects on our agenda, including new collateral, events and case studies, but limited internal resource to make it happen.

Defining the TRT brand through messaging workshops

With increasing competition in the marketplace, developing a strong brand is central to the marketing effort. A company’s ‘brand’ comprises much more than corporate colours and a logo. Branding extends to what you stand for as a company and how you interact.

Taurus creates a shared vision

To further develop the TRT brand and set them apart from the competition, Taurus conducted an on-site Messaging and Positioning workshop with the TRT Management team. This tapped into the existing expertise within TRT and generated buy-in at all levels creating a shared vision.

All staff now recognise our core values

Domenic explains, “Whilst the TRT logo and colours were already in place, our branding took a giant leap forward with the Taurus Messaging Session for our senior staff. It meant, for the first time, we were unanimously articulating clearly to our market what our core values are and defining exactly what we stand for. This has had a huge impact across all our communications. We use it on our stationary, collateral, exhibit stand… even our phone system.”

The painless way to professional case studies

“We actively use the case studies developed by Taurus and they provide a powerful sales tools for our Executives”, comments Domenic. “Local user stories had been on our ‘to do’ list for a while, so handing it over to professional marketers who have a clear process for getting the desired result was a smart decision for us allowing me to focus on what we do best. Taurus managed the entire project from establishing design guidelines to interviewing our customers and writing the story”, he adds.

Marketing professionals who understand our business

“Taurus was a perfect match for us because they understood us and our business. We had total confidence in their ability, they were 100% responsive”, concludes Domenic.

About TRT

TRT is an Australian company founded in 1997. TRT’s objective is to provide better value for money for the Australian and Asian IBM, Sun and HP UNIX marketplace. TRT strategies protect your existing investment to let you make an informed decision to upgrade or purchase new technology.