Taurus redesigns Staff It Recruitment office – A leading recruitment agency for brand giants

Staff It Pty Ltd is the recruitment company of choice for brand giants such as Ebay, Qantas, Philips Electronics and Goodman Fielder, to name a few. Established in 1995 with a vision to stand out from its recruitment industry competitors, Staff It enjoys a strong reputation and rapidly growing profile. In 2006, Staff It sought to revamp its Sydney CBD office to reflect its unique and vibrant culture and create a welcoming space for candidates and clients. Gemma Kelly, Managing Director of Staff It, comments, “Traditionally, our industry is conservative, but at Staff It, we are known for our friendliness, professionalism and for doing things differently. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a high level of customer service, not just for clients, but also for our candidates. Our name always earns a giggle and our logo promotes fun and happiness. We wanted our office walls designed with ‘wow’ factor to help set us apart from other agencies.”

Taurus asks the right questions to create a fabulous and functional design

When it came time for Taurus to present its initial design concepts, Staff It were pleasantly surprised, “We’ve worked with other design agencies and have found some can occasionally go off on a tangent and be precious about their designs. We chose Taurus because we could tell they understood our requirements. When the Taurus team presented their initial design concepts we knew they had been paying attention,” says Gemma. “Taurus also discussed with us issues about the office space, including what we used it for, how often we used it, what the light was like and our aim to create the feeling of space. The outcome has been fabulous looking designs that are functional for our everyday needs.

Exceptional diversity of concepts and flexibility impress Staff It

Staff It were pleased with the diversity of Taurus’ design concepts, “We were extremely impressed with the broad range of concepts Taurus provided – exceptionally diverse ideas we would never have thought of. Our designer guided our decisions but still gave us the space to make them,” says Gemma. Staff It also appreciated Taurus’ flexibility, “The Taurus team was open to our sometimes esoteric ideas and incorporated them in the designs with ease. Our input was always carefully considered,” Gemma comments.

Taurus takes control, meaning minimal fuss for Staff It

As for project management, comments Gemma, Taurus are professionals, “Taurus constantly gave us updates, which put us at ease because we knew the project status every step of the way. The whole project was low maintenance on our behalf.” She continues, “We were surprised at the simplicity and speed of the project. Before Taurus, we were like “Oh gosh!” at the enormity of it all, but Taurus ensured there were never any headaches, from the initial design stages until

Staff It launches new office in style

To showcase its stunning new space and celebrate the end the calendar year, Staff It organised an office launch event, complete with over 150 guests and live entertainment. Gemma comments, “A big bash was a fitting way to celebrate our wonderful new wall designs. We even asked Taurus to design the party invitations and the labels for the wine bottles we gave out as end of year gifts.

Gemma continues, “Needless to say, the party went extremely well. Not only could people see and feel our vibrant office atmosphere, but they could even take home a bottle of wine branded in the same way as our new office.