A call for PR results in a strategic journey

Stellar is a leading global provider of call centre and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Operating 15 outsourcing centres across several countries, the company has experienced rapid organic growth in its 10 year history in Australia, achieving a milestone in 2008 of over one billion calls.

With 4500 employees and 100 million transactions processed every year, Stellar is a successful and well run company. The management team are united and open to change as the company grows. Stellar initially came to Taurus for PR expertise to build brand awareness and improve market share. However, after several in-depth conversations, Stellar embarked on a strategic journey with Taurus that provided a quantum shift in their go-to-market strategy and PR model.

After receiving a strong recommendation from Stellar’s CIO, Taurus was appointed to achieve the strategic and communications clarity Stellar required.

Phase 1 – Industry marketing audit

Taurus conducted a marketing audit of the IT and telecommunications industry (particularly around call centres) and confirmed Stellar’s assessment as to how competitive the market is and why is it was important to have a single consumer proposition to set them apart. Taurus outlined a proven, strategic process to enable the two companies to work together collaboratively.

Phase 2 – Customers, staff and media research

Initially, Taurus conducted research, interviewing staff, customers and the media to dive deeper into how these important stakeholders perceived Stellar. The aim was to draw a line in the sand, so we were able to deal with reality as a starting point for strategy, and not perception and guesswork.

The research results were one of the most important elements used in the resulting strategy plan. “The research was a real eye opener for us and gave us clarity on how our brand and services were perceived. We were no longer dealing with perception but reality.” Scott Deane, Stellar Group General Manager Sales.

Phase 3 – Group management TaurusBullseye© messaging and positioning strategy session

The Taurus messaging and positioning session challenged Stellar to clarify and re-define their core values. The result was a definitive and strategic move from a commodity call centre offering to a mature and sophisticated value added supplier. Taurus then developed Stellar’s key messages and differentiators, market positioning, tangible benefits of the company and marketing communications plan. This plan was focussed on fine tuning the Stellar brand and positioning it for future growth.

Phase 4 – Management TaurusBullseye©marketing and branding session

After the Messaging and Positioning session, Taurus encouraged Stellar to build on its strong foundation as a call centre and business process outsourcing solution provider, by ‘re-packaging’ the value add to their existing customers. Taurus identified these propositions, turned the customer sales and branding orientation 180 degrees, brainstormed a new name and defined a whole new methodology and product offering.

Stellar became a Managed Customer Relationships (MCR) expert utilising their unique Customer Relationship Intelligence (CRI) methodology.

These two strategic go-to-market models were transformed into individual platforms to demonstrate the added value Stellar provide their customer. MCR and CRI aid the sales process by clearly demonstrating Stellar’s ability to obtain actionable, meaningful business insights from their customer relationships and feed this back to the customer as useful, quantitative data.Phase 5 – PR plan and execution The new tagline “Experts in Managed Customer Relationships (MCR)” was developed by Taurus and rolled out internally and externally. This was quickly endorsed by Stellar staff who could see the potential for a clear identity that differentiated them from the competition. Since taking on Taurus, Stellar have had strong second half results and importantly the look and feel of the marketing collateral has been adopted globally, creating a consistent brand