Inspirational web design to invigorate lead generation

Playoust Churcher Architects (PCA) specialise in luxury single residential and medium level density architecture and have been changing the way people live across Sydney since 1961.

PCA boasts a rich level of consultancy and architectural experience with over one hundred years across the team that enables them to deliver inspirational design for individuals, families and builders who desire unique and distinctive surroundings. This proven design experience means PCA are able to go above and beyond to deliver on their client’s visions.

Taurus personal approach and professionalism the right choice for Playoust

Managing Director Brett Churcher met Taurus CEO, Sharon Williams, through the networking group TEC and there was an instant connection. “The boutique style and highly personable nature of the Taurus offering was a major factor in attracting Playoust Churcher to engage Taurus. The values and professionalism of Taurus made it a simple choice for us,” states Brett.

PCA’s main challenge was that the company’s messaging and branding did not truly reflect the company’s core values or how the company had grown and evolved. Brett explains, “Being an architecture organisation, everything we produce and communicate to our target audience has to be of the highest quality.

Our messaging was confused and our website, which we see as our ‘shop window’ was not maximizing the exposure or quality of the work we produce for clients – overall, we required strategy around our marketing communications.”

Messaging and positioning to get the ship in order

PCA engaged Taurus to conduct a Messaging and Positioning Strategy session with the PCA management team. Brett recalls, “The Messaging and Positioning session challenged us to justify our core values and unique value proposition. What we received back was a strategy document outlining our core values, key messages, elevator pitch and SWOT analysis. We still reference this when writing new material today. The second half of the document was a comprehensive and practical comms plan geared towards achieving our business objectives.”

The impressive report Taurus delivered left no doubt in Playoust Churcher’s mind to engage Taurus for the implementation of the comms plan. A key component of this was a new website.

The existing website was not effectively positioning the brand and the Playoust Churcher corporate vision. Brett explains, “We needed a sleek, professional website to showcase our design work – at the time, this wasn’t happening.”

Taurus took PCA through their website development process:

Phase 1: Briefing and strategising to develop needs analysis

PCA met with Taurus designers and strategic experts to outline the core objectives of the website. The key outcome was to increase prospects and convert them into customers. The website needed to act as a key selling tool for PCA and support lead generation activities.

Phase 2: Design concepts to position the brand

Having reviewed competitors and how PCA wished to be positioned in the market in the strategy session, Taurus understood the design had to reflect the high quality work PCA provides for clients. “Taurus hit the mark with the design, they captured everything we were trying to communicate with our own designs,” Brett explains.

Phase 3: Web text to reflect core values and key messages

Using the Messaging and Positioning report as a guideline, Taurus developed the website text for the site, ensuring PCA’s core values were communicated. “Although we needed our photography to be a key focal point, the website text needed to effectively assist this – Taurus just got it,” Brett explained.

Phase 4: Build and test

Taurus then managed the backend build and coding of the site. Brett recalls, “The next time we saw the design, it was loaded as a test site online and looked fantastic. The efficiency and professionalism of the Taurus team was excellent – the process was painless!”

Phase 5: Go live!

Brett comments, “We decided on a soft launch of the site via emailing our database to let them know we had a new website. The immediate feedback was overwhelmingly positive and provided a great opportunity for us to re-connect with our database in such a positive manner.”