Strategy to launch an App creates a visionary Personal Brand

Serial Indigenous entrepreneur Joanne Pellew sought out Taurus in early 2017 for a launch and marketing strategy for her start-up App codenamed ‘The Look’, now re-branded as Lashd. After getting to know Joanne personally, the Taurus team identified the PR potential behind Joanne’s very own personal story and determination. As a multifaceted entrepreneur, Joanne is a successful advocate of the Indigenous community and has enabled the creation of jobs for thousands of Indigenous workers through two successful companies.

From beauty App to personal brand and leadership

Joanne is the founder and CEO of Ochre Workforce Solutions and iWork jobsite, a company she personally built to help members of the Indigenous community find potential employment. Ochre is a full-service recruitment and labour hire company specialising in Indigenous employment. By recruiting, training and finding jobs across various industries from mining and resourcing to hospitality and tourism, Joanne has assisted over 900 Indigenous Australians. In a similar manner, iWork enables hiring managers to access a community of Indigenous Australians available to work. The iWork jobsite is essentially the for the Indigenous community. With the commitment of boosting Indigenous employment opportunities, iWork has built the largest database of Indigenous jobseekers in Australia.

Boosting a company brand with a personal brand focus

Prior to meeting Taurus, all three brands: Ochre, iWork and Joanne’s profile had not been featured in the mainstream media. After reviewing the three brands, the Taurus team proposed to drive PR activity using Joanne and her story as a key spokesperson. While re-defining her personal brand, the goal was then to position her as a thought-leader, entrepreneur, activist and visionary around Indigenous employment.

TaurusProfile™ success attracts more than 1 million Australians

The work Joanne focuses on and the outcomes she achieves, holds a unique position in Australia. We created a story around her achievements and picked out the news angles to achieve coverage. Through this, Taurus managed to generate:
• Increased public knowledge of Joanne’s companies driving viewers to the websites
• Generate enquiries for Joanne as a thought-leader
• Raised awareness of the issues around Indigenous employment TaurusAppLauncher™ leads to TaurusProfile™ for serial entrepreneur
Ultimately, within six months, Ochre Workforce Solutions, iWork Jobsite and Joanne Pellew reached over a million Australians through media outreach. From Indigenous
verticals, business and lifestyle publications across broadcast and online media, the estimated total media reach was 905,000 Australians from a standing start.