Long-standing entrepreneur returns to Taurus to disrupt the beauty industry

Serial entrepreneur Joanne Pellew and long standing Taurus client returned to The Taurus Group and TaurusAppLauncher© to assist with her new venture, creating and launching her dream beauty App – LASHD. LASHD is an on-demand beauty and lifestyle App that brings beauty services straight to your door.

Joanne sites her frustration at being time poor as the major reason why she ideated and created Lash’d. After researching beauty trends and the beauty Apps in the market, Joanne wanted a more efficient and accessible service that covered a wider aspect of the beauty industry with both consumers, beauty professionals and suppliers benefitting from the service.

Accessible directly via a mobile phone, LASHD helps consumers request and book a range of beauty services to be delivered at their convenience, in their own home, office or hotel. Users can review and select from a range of services or artists and a range of partnering specialists in hair, nails and make-up, tanning, and many more!

Taurus set the product and business strategy

Dubbed the Uber of beauty, Joanne’s objective of working with the Taurus team was to learn from our past App experience to ensure she went about the App development in the right way from the beginning – in fact before the developers even started.

Joanne had worked with Taurus on her entrepreneur and business brand for some years, so we were already tried and trusted to help with her new venture

The TaurusPR© team was then engaged to create the comms strategy, messaging, generate awareness and build buzz around the launch of LASHD App scheduled for June 2018.

A beautiful and exclusive event with friend Lisa Messenger, influencers and media

TaurusPR©, experiential and events management expertise came together to conceptualise an exclusive launch event at the Dockside Group’s L’aqua Venue and ran the guest list with influencers, media and VIPs hosted by Taurus friend, serial entrepreneur, author and Collective Hub’s very own Lisa Messenger plus key personalities such as fitness model, Lauren Hannaford.

Taurus helped Joanne and the LASHD team establish relationships and stimulate active conversations with media and influencers.

The LASHD brand worked across every touchpoint

From guestlist to design and branding, the Taurus team ensured the event was on brand and on message across every touchpoint. Subtly and beautifully done, using Lashed colours across all venue decorations from table settings with LASHD logos and App codes, the attendees were invited to download the App and spread the word. Beautiful branded giftbags were very much admired.

The event included a live Q&A interview session between Lisa Messenger and Joanne Pellew, and we helped construct questions that would not only convey the message of the brand and highlight its high quality functionally but also drive conversation about LASHD. The Q&A session connected Joanne’s story to the LASHD brand, clearly depicting the two sides of the App from a consumer, business, entrepreneurial and creative perspective.

To further illustrate the ideal functionally of LASHD, a live App demonstration was conducted to showcase how both consumers benefit from the App and how the App helps grow the businesses of those in the beauty industry