Australian representation for PR

The Taurus brief was to develop a strategic PR program around Kyocera’s value proposition to talk to key audiences – CIOs and IT decision-makers from mid to large segment enterprises.

Taurus began a PR campaign for Kyocera in July 2012 and achieved over 70 pieces of coverage, roughly averaging five pieces per month. Over the last 12 months, we have moved coverage beyond regular print industry media and into widely-read technology publications with CIO readership – such as Technology Spectator and Computerworld and the CEO Forum.

We achieved thought leadership pieces for the CEO personally in top publications. Today through TaurusProfileTM, Kyocera’s top management are well recognised across a number of technology related developments and all the media in Kyocera’s target list know the company’s solutions and products.

“Today the media call when they are doing a story. After the initial six months were spent educating and establishing a base recall of the Kyocera brand with the media – Kyocera’s media presence built an upward trajectory.  We now have journalists coming to us which has been achieved through patience, an excellent relationship between the client and strong agency media relationships, persistence and planned execution.”

The challenge of promoting managed document solutions and printers

Taurus had two main challenges a) Managed document solutions and printers companies do not usually interest the media. b) Kyocera is in a very competitive space with solutions that are not unique.

We knew we had to position Kyocera creatively to ensure we were able to convey key messages to target audiences and raise Kyocera’s brand awareness and profile with a healthy media mix that included; printer trade, technology trade and mainstream business, technology and corporate– across print and online media.

Strategy – First media introductions

The campaign to introduce and establish a basic understanding of who Kyocera is and what their strengths are. With the media we highlighted two to three key areas where they had excellent products and put them forward as experts on a number of ‘media – favourite’ topics from  BYOD to Green IT. This established excellent initial rapport with the media and provided Kyocera with an ‘in’ to talk to the media.

Phase 1 – Introduction and consolidation

  • Conducted over 85 conversations with media to introduce Kyocera and explore coverage opportunities. Indicated Kyocera’s spokesperson availability to comment on trends
  • Established first levels of awareness in the media
  • Ran a funky campaign to grab media attention. By taking an opposing stance on the belief that paperless offices will soon become a reality, the campaign, titled “There will be paperless offices when there are paperless toilets,” garnered wide interest from social media channels

Phase 2 – Extending reach

  • We focused on building imperative
  • relationships with product review media.
  • Reviews can make or break product sales.
  • Extended PR program to New Zealand and established awareness
  • Further supported marketing goals by targeting a vertical media focus; focusing onreaders and decision makers in the Education sector
  • End of Phase 2 saw regular inclusions irrelevant IT features
  • Achieved 60 pieces of coverage

Phase 3 – Establishing thought leadership

  • Saw a spike of traffic to Kyocera website in New Zealand following continuous coverage and strengthened local media presence
  • Built thought leadership for Kyocera on topics such as Green IT and BYOD through coverage in C-Suite publications includingBRW and CEO Forum
  • Worked to extend Kyocera’s reach by highlighting expertise of the Kyocera team – through CIO thought leadership articles

The next natural strategic step to elevate Kyocera’s media presence for the press to meet with Kyocera’s Managing Director face-to-face in an event type setting. The media based event addressing a relevant and interesting hot topic results in lively conversation.

We have found that with sufficient understanding of ‘media buzz’ and hot topics –a finger on the media pulse through our media relationships we are able to creatively develop news worthiness. For Kyocera, we identified a hot topic around Australia’s ICT crisis and a discussion around this from a vendor’s perspective has garnered strong media interest.

As PR consultants we manage the entire process for the MD. We ensure the right media (that we want to establish relationships with and influence) attend and create positioning through our extensive research on what Kyocera’s stance and opinion should be. If there is an opinion space to be owned we identify it.