Taurus helps tech start-up reach target market

Fraame Solutions is a software company headquartered in New Zealand with the aim of developing a successful Australian operation. The company focuses on health, not-for-profit and public health government sectors offering information and document management solutions.

Good products don’t necessarily sell themselves

When Gavin Wright founded Fraame in September 2003 he knew it wasn’t enough to hope that a good product would sell itself.

Companies should invest in PR

Gavin explains, “There is a common misconception in many start-up organisations that if a company is based around a good piece of intellectual property, with a good sales force and a good product, then you don’t need to build the profile of the company. As a result, not many companies our size put much effort into Public Relations (PR).”

People buy from those they trust

Gavin continues, “I took the opposite view with Fraame. The key value proposition for our company is in the intellectual property and the brand values.

“People buy from those they trust – and that trust needs to be engendered around the organisation as much as the product.

“As a new company in the Australian and New Zealand markets it was very important that those messages were portrayed in the best way possible.”

Gavin found that Taurus was the perfect partner to build the brand awareness for Fraame.

Taurus took the time to get to know us

“Taurus invested a lot of time getting to know us, and worked through the options we had available to build the brand,” he says.

“They have excellent IT media contacts and also understand the industry space well – so we began from a position of strength. And they measured well against my high expectations.”

As Chair of the New Zealand Health IT Cluster, Gavin already had a profile in the marketplace which Taurus leveraged for Fraame’s PR program.

Taurus got us solid media results

“Taurus helped to generate great coverage for us,” explains Gavin. “We were featured in many of the key publications, such as Image & Data Manager (IDM), Computerworld and most importantly Hospital & Healthcare.

“The results Taurus helped us achieve have definitely increased Fraame’s profile. We are still a reasonably small company but we have a solid profile, with good awareness.”

The Taurus team are professionals

Gavin continues, “The Taurus team are enthusiastic and professional. Above allthey are passionate and don’t treat us as asmall client.

“They are also good value for money. It is sometimes scary for companies when they contemplate the cost of running a PR and marketing campaign. Whilst our budget was not huge, it was a considerable amount given Fraame’s size.

“But I knew it made sound business sense in the long run, and Taurus were certainly instrumental in getting the results I wanted.”

Taurus leverage our success

Gavin explains “The development of the company has gone just as I planned it. Our initial budget was for a big boost in PR and marketing and then to turn leads into sales – which we are doing now.

“With two or three major projects under our belt, we will turn to Taurus again and leverage off this success to re-energise our profile in the market place.”