Taurus helps build a larger profile for security distributor Firewall Systems

For Firewall Systems, a value-added distributor of security products such as WatchguardTMand BorderwareTM, partnering with Taurus Marketing was all about gaining wider exposure in the IT and business marketplace.

The organisation, which boasts an integrated product portfolio as well as designing end-to-end solutions, wanted more people to recognise the name Firewall Systems.

Taurus has excellent media connections

As John Stevens, Firewall’s Northern Regional Manager explains, “We wanted to extend our exposure. Although we had been operating for ten years and had a name behind us, we had few internal marketing resources. We needed an agency with excellent media connections to help us.”

Taurus has great experience

John continues, “Taurus has a great reputation in the IT industry, and was able to help us achieve our goals. They enabled us to lift the profile of the company and to demonstrate our success.”

According to John, the relationship with Taurus has always been a positive one. “All the people at Taurus are friendly and there is a very positive atmosphere. What I really like is that Taurus do what they say they are going to do,” comments John.

Taurus helps publicise Security Café

Taurus played a hands-on role in the launch of various new Firewall Systems’ products, all with great success. In addition, Taurus helped to publicise the Security Café event in Melbourne and Sydney where, for the first time in Australia, the latest security technologies were put through their paces.