From elite gymnast to fitness entrepreneur – Taurus launches new online business

Lauren Hannaford is a former professional elite gymnast who competed and coached at a national level for over 20 years. In 2010, she joined the Australian children’s music group, ‘The Wiggles’ as a dancer taking on the roles of Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus.

Four years later, while trying to keep fit with a rigorous tour schedule and with limited gym access in each new place she visited, Lauren’s passion for health and fitness evolved into her own workout solution.

Today, Lauren’s revolutionary fitness platform, ‘FHIT (Functional High Intensity Training) by Lauren Hannaford’, is an online streaming workout program you can do anywhere, anytime – no equipment necessary. Taking a new approach to fitness, Lauren’s philosophy is all about health, heart and happiness.

Backed by experience and knowledge of core gymnastics exercises and skills, FHIT features Lauren’s unique style of physical workouts with a focus on bodyweight training techniques, strength and conditioning.

Taurus sets business strategy and prepares for a national launch

When Lauren met Taurus, she was in the early stage of roll-out with an encouraging number of new subscribers joining to trial the platform.

At this point, Lauren had a strong brand association with her previous role as a children’s entertainer.

Lauren’s brief was to redefine her career and establish her own personal brand as a fitness entrepreneur, thought leader and expert in the space.

Taurus was tasked to re-position, create and build Lauren’s personal brand and generate brand awareness of the FHIT program to grow the number of subscribers and overall brand credibility.

Taurus launches FHIT nationwide under TaurusPR© and TaurusProfile™

In May 2018, using our trademarked Bullseye methodology, Taurus conducted a TaurusBullseye© strategy session to outline a business plan, priority check list and marketing approach. Taurus helped set business objectives, growth plans, marketing, brand and communication strategies in preparation for a national FHIT launch.

Taurus created the brand story, provided social media consulting and built awareness and buzz around FHIT. Simultaneously Lauren’s own unique identity was defined amongst brand competitors and fitness peers.