Taurus’ start-up knowledge supports innovation evening

The Taurus Team experience in working with start-ups and entrepreneurs, combined with our well-honed event management skills, enabled us to move quickly when we won the engagement to co-ordinate a major pitching event in Sydney. It was also an opportunity for CSIRO to demonstrate the impact of the ON Innovation program on developing skills and fast-tracking valuable technology.

The Challenge

The challenge for Taurus was to organise and manage the CSIRO’s “Demo Night” where participants from its ON Innovation program would showcase their science and technology innovations in a public forum. They would pitch their ideas to an audience of 350-400 investors, potential industry collaborators, start-up representatives, entrepreneurs and their scientific and research peers, from across the national research landscape. Despite having less than a month to pull the event together, the Taurus team responded effectively and quickly to producing an event that met both the client’s budget and branding needs.

The Approach

While using their own professional contacts, members of the Taurus team spoke regularly with the client’s marketing department to ensure that all resourcing decisions met with approval. This included setting budgets and negotiating the best prices with suppliers Taurus Marketing helped the CSIRO with the event management.

Taurus co-ordinated the staging of the event, which included identifying the best location, organising the event crew and equipment, arranging lighting, AV, ticketing and catering, and at all times, considering the client’s preferred list of suppliers.

Taurus arranged for two keynote speakers and an MC to kick off the pitches that were held at Carriageworks in Sydney’s Inner West. Utilising Bay 17 that can cater for about 1000 people, Taurus arranged to split the space using black curtains which provided theatre style seating at one end of the room for 400 people. Taurus also oversaw rehearsals ahead of the pitching event.