ConnXion (ASX: CXN) is the name behind the multi-channel document delivery technology fast gaining traction amongst large corporations, such as Coca-Cola Amatil, Pacific Brands and TAB. As an Australian company expanding into the Asian market, ConnXion’s proprietary technology takes raw data and delivers the required documents via SMS, fax, email and snail mail, at a fraction of the cost of sending a traditional letter.

David Colvin, CEO of ConnXion recalls, “In the early phases of the company’s growth, the PR agency we used was getting us publicity, but was not hitting the financial decision-makers who are our target market.


Taurus wins on three counts

Taurus was invited to pitch for ConnXion’s business and David recalls, “Taurus impressed us on three levels:

  1. They had done the research, understood what our business is about and could articulate it well.
  2. Taurus offered a high-level strategy for reaching our target audience and a preliminary tactical plan of how to make it happen.
  3. Here was a young company, going places, with a strong focus on their potential customers

We’re not a large company so a large agency would not give us the level of attention from senior people that we get from Taurus.


Why PR pays off for ConnXion

David explains, “Having a PR strategy is essential, particularly in technology and areas of business where clients are looking for reference -ability, safety and a company that is credible.

He adds, “When we’re in the papers, people take note and comment to us. But for everyone who tells us they’ve read it there could be ten, twenty, maybe fifty who have been influenced by the article but don’t tell us. Building awareness in the market is a stepping-stone process and Taurus has taken us large steps forward.”


Taurus delivers on-target coverage

David continues, “The Taurus team know how to get maximum mileage from even the leanest newsworthy information we give them. The result is exceptional coverage in publications that have credibility among our target market.

He adds, “Our Account Manager keeps a trained eye across the editorial in the media titles that are important to us and is quick to bring us those opportunities worth pursuing.”


Case study experts get the best story

A recent case study by Taurus led to an article in The Australian. Case studies also work as a valuable sales tool when we’re talking with prospective clients,” comments David.

He comments, “We had considered case studies but had not tackled them, and certainly could not have achieved what Taurus did. They know how to get the most out of the person on the other side and there is definitely an art to this!”


Partner with an agency interested in your success

David advises, “The relationship you build with your agency and the people working on your account are key to the results you get. A large company with a profile and lots of newsworthy activity is a different proposition from a company like us that was not well known and therefore more challenging. You have to feel the people you are working with have an interest in your success, and this is precisely what we get with Taurus.