The situation

After moderate success employing a freelance publicist to promote their yearly awards night, The CEO Magazine decided it was time to employ an external PR agency to take their yearly #ExecutiveOfTheYear awards to the next level.

Communication is key

Taurus Marketing is well aware of how intense event planning can be, especially on the scale of The Executive of the Year Awards. The team had to know all of the ins and outs of the planning, progress and execution in order to continually tailor our PR efforts to maximise the PR reach.

Taurus strategically breaks the project down in the TaurusBullseye©. The Taurus Team analysed the task and previous years results and decided it was best tackled in a three phase strategy.

The Approach

Pre Awards: Defining the story, key messages and warming the media. The Taurus team reached out to key media in the lead up to the event to ensure front-of-mind consideration and buzz around the awards plus the guests expected in attendance.

The night of the Awards: Taurus developed an invitation list of key media that would be invited to attend the awards. What differentiation the media invites from previous years’ was that the Taurus team attacked industry verticals as well as the mainline dailies. Ensuring a greater variety of media across different industry publications, widening the target audience.

Post Awards: After the winners were announced, it was all hands on deck in the Taurus office ensuring that every relevant publication in Australia heard about the winners and was briefed and ready to interview their industry respective winners. Winners were interviewed for television, radio, print and online.