ASUS returns to Taurus for a PR re-focus

Global tech consumer brand ASUS, returned to Taurus for a directional change in the positioning of their Open Platform products such as the ASUS VivoMini, Designo Curve Monitor and AiMesh in the mediaIn early 2018, ASUS was set to release three new products from their Open Platform division into the Australian market – the AiMesh; an innovative new router that connects multiple routers to create a flexible WiFi network, the VivoMini, a flexible dual storage mini PC and the Designo Curve MX32VQ; a 32-inch curved monitor focusing on a premium display panel for all users. Taurus was tasked to take the products usually seen only in tech publications into the lifestyle space. 

Breaking new ground with a new target audience

ASUS was already an established brand in the Australian market from our PR efforts through the years and especially so in the tech media. The challenge was to break new grounds in their media exposure by placing ASUS Open Platform products into mainline and lifestyle media, a segment that had yet to garner traction. 

Lifestyle exposure would mean they could reach an audience who were tech savvy and would appreciate the high quality of ASUS products including its award-winning design features, pioneering sound quality and its multi-purpose range of products perfect for those building smart homes and offices. 

Minimal budget meets hard-hitting results 

ASUS kickstarted the project with minimal budget to trail lifestyle media interest. Taurus was determined to show what success could look like. With the allocated budget and timeline, Taurus cut through the competitive consumer technology market and designed a sure-fire and on-target strategy through a highly tailored and personalised product push.  

Re-inventing the media release

To start with, the Taurus team reinvented the ASUS product releases – subtracting the tech speak and flourishing the language and media angle to cater to consumer and lifestyle media. Taurus investigated specific media targets best suited for each product including the likes of influencers, consumer tech targets and product reviews. 

Taurus successfully expands ASUS media exposure to Lifestyle

Taurus used their vast media reach and deep journalist relationships to gain a broad range of coverage for ASUS, achieving campaign goals across lifestyle and consumer tech media.  

Overall coverage secured reached 11 million audience impressions across three products. Independent positive reviews were published positioning ASUS as a quality manufacturer of technology.