Awakening the EduTech Specialist Within

Androgogic is one of Australia’s leading providers of Educational Technology (EduTech) infrastructure and services, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Renowned for providing best of breed EduTech services, Androgogic is home to a team of experienced specialists and in-built technology including world class hosting facilities to help businesses achieve their learning, training and development goals.

Over the years, Androgogic has established an award-winning client portfolio from Higher Education, VET, K-12 through to the corporate sector. Some of their renowned clients include Alfred Health, Tennis Australia, Australian Catholic University, Medcast, Law Society, Austin Health and Eastern Health.

The challenge for Androgogic was to go above and beyond their already established spheres of influence. After successful and organic growth, Androgogic was keen to engage professional marketing resource to accelerate growth and increase brand awareness with a structured, practical and results driven methodology.

Taurus came in with combined experience in both education and technology, plus our integrated TaurusBullseye© methodology to help increase brand awareness, elevate thought leadership and position Androgogic as the go-to EduTech solution in the market. This was achieved through a series of strategic and integrated campaigns encompassing Strategy, Public Relations, Social Media and Content Generation.

Navigating EduTech through Storytelling

With great technology, comes great tech jargon! While Androgogic are experts in building practical, functional and cost effective EduTech infrastructure, it’s not always the easiest of technology or infrastructure to explain or understand, especially to those outside of the tech spectrum.

Taurus broke down the communication barriers by developing a deep understanding of Androgogic’s target audiences, brand and customer personas. The aim was to build a new business and communication strategy, identify the right marketing mix and essentially position the brand as leaders in the EduTech and L&D space.

Working alongside Founder, CEO and Principal Educational Technologist Alexander Roche, Taurus developed a public relations and social media strategy. Taurus created monthly comms activities based on themes and topics that aligned to Androgogic’s business and sales objectives including industry events, partnership announcements, award recognition and strategic product or services announcements.

TaurusSocial© places Androgogic on the Digital Bandwagon

Social media was a large component in increasing the brand awareness and share of voice of Androgogic. Existing in the tech space they have competitors, industry peers and influencers who are increasingly interacting online.

Through TaurusSocial©, Taurus reinvigorated Androgogic’s social media activity across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our strategy was to leverage the existing social platforms as a communication channel to regularly inform and share valuable content to followers, drive traffic back to the website, engage with industry partners, clients and prospects.

​Social media was also a key element in placing Androgogic on the forefront in gaining interest and foot traffic around industry events and expos – a key selling tool and lead generator for the EduTech industry. Taurus delivered specific social media campaigns around specific industry events including pre, post and live event updates and interactions.