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BSA Co-CEOs Arno Becker and Richard Bartley share more about their expansion into the EV sector  

The Taurus team are experts at building, people, brands and businesses listed on the ASX.  

Our client, BSA is an ASX-listed telecommunications company that’s recently expanded into the EV sector. In a recent Q&A with Tech.Drive.Play, Co-CEOs Arno Becker and Richard Bartley explored the strategy behind their expansion, including why they chose to enter the EV market, their rollout plans, future vision and the promising economic and job creation potential of improved EV charging infrastructure. 

Their expansion is timely, as EVs continue to grow in demand and Australians continue to make the shift. As the Australian Government continue to increase investments into charging infrastructure, BSA will be an important player in the sector -installing and maintaining, much-needed premium charging stations across the country. The Company has already made an impact by installing premium chargers in residential and commercial buildings and public areas nationwide. 

Arno and Richard said: “We at BSA are very excited about the transition to EV and the opportunities that it provides us in areas that complement our existing skillset as well as the environmental benefits. The estimated market for install and equipment in 2025 is $2b and this is expected to grow to $72b by 2055 and BSA is well placed to expand our EV Charging capability.” 

Read more on their exciting plans here 

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