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August 11, 2022

Dicker data posts strong first half year results

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Dicker Data has been featured in 21 pieces of media coverage reporting revenue and earnings growth in the first half of its 2022 financial year. Dicker Data cites contributions from recent acquisitions and growth from new and existing vendors for their robust revenue growth. The company are identifying the next opportunities for growth and market… Read more »

HCL Technologies partners with Sydney universities to help start-ups with quantum computing

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HCL Technologies has been featured in 11 pieces of media coverage on the new partnership deal with Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA) to help accelerate the development of the quantum technology ecosystem in Australia. HCL Technologies and SQA aim to bring together their capabilities to help enterprises and partners to capitalize on the emerging quantum technologies… Read more »

August 10, 2022

Want to work from anywhere? Here’s how to set yourself up for success

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The current shift in the workplace sees many businesses are adopting a hybrid work environment that allows their employees to working remotely from anywhere, not just from home. Searching for the best practice in working remotely requires adopting new ways of working as well as factoring in security, practicality, and potential impacts on the business.… Read more »

‘My husband’s death left me with so much regret, I don’t want you do make the same mistake’

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Even though it’s never easy, the communication approached with openness and honesty about end-of-life will lead to better preparation and experience when the time comes. After losing her husband Mauro tragically young, Melissa Reader is personally motivated to help more Australians to have the important conversations on what’s most important in the last stage of life,… Read more »

Advisers a ‘hot target’ for cyber risk

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It’s important to exercise caution with various points of entry i.e., passwords and where data is being stored to reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats. With the RI Advice case demonstrating that anyone could be target, financial planning firms and licensees need to implement adequate measures in place such as using the antivirus and firewall protections on… Read more »

Michael Horton on how HCL Technologies leads the way in ESG

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The impacts of climate change are affecting individuals and businesses globally. Companies are under pressure from stakeholders to act on climate change and to put measures in place. Those who put sustainability as a priority and reducing its carbon footprint will lead the way and transform the competitive landscape. Michael Horton, Country Manager of Australia… Read more »

July 28, 2022

Sharon Williams on Inside Small Business

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How to guide for navigating the changing economy Sharon Williams CEO and founder of Taurus Marketing talks to Inside Small businesses about: How small businesses can thrive in times of challenge. CEO and Founder of Taurus Marketing, Sharon Williams  said, “At the core of a small business is that strong customer relationship, a local touch and strong empathy… Read more »

Would you embrace the Four-Day Work Week this year?

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Across the globe, multiple companies have started trialling the four-day work week to see how effective it is on employee productivity. Initially, the reduced work week was introduced in 1916 by Henry Ford, who recommended that workers work five days a week instead of the original six days a week. However, as people put more… Read more »

July 15, 2022

Sharon Williams on The First Act Podcast

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Marketing expert, cancer survivor, ‘no bull’ motivator: The wisdom of Sharon Williams Sharon Williams CEO and founder of Taurus Marketing talks to The First Act Podcast about: Taurus, marketing, personal branding, adversity and thriving in times of challenge. CEO and Founder of Taurus Marketing, Sharon Williams said, “Marketing is the wheels for where businesses need… Read more »

July 4, 2022

The billion-dollar financial planning firm

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Gain an understanding of what success looks like for financial planning practices in times of uncertainty, change and opportunity. Is it about financial performance or building a network of clients and delivering a high-quality service? Taurus client, Vincent Holland, Co-Founder of Plutosoft shared his insights on the future of financial planning firms in Money and… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Why women in IT makes good business sense – Dicker Data


Dicker Data Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director Mary Stojcevski featured in CFO Tech Australia, Channel Life Australia, IT Brief Australia and Channel Life New Zealand Gain an understanding of how employing women in IT increases commitment and loyalty to the business. The Australian Computer Society has reported women only make up a third of… Read more »

July 1, 2022

Sharon Williams on The Carousel

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Sharon Williams CEO and founder of Taurus Marketing talks to The Carousel about how the Queen is her role model for female empowerment, strength and leadership. CEO and Founder of Taurus Marketing, Sharon Williams  said, “Whilst juggling single-motherhood, cancer, personal tragedies and global crisis, I have continued to draw strength and wisdom from the Queen and her… Read more »

June 28, 2022

Four ways to reduce your office carbon footprint

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Find out what’s causing workplace carbon footprint and key creative ways employers can work to reduce it in their organisations. As climate change statistics become increasingly grim, with the latest IPCC report declaring a ‘code red for humanity’ (IPCC 2021), looking after the planet and reducing carbon footprint is a priority for responsible businesses. Whether… Read more »