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Businesses Still Hurting And Need To Take Steps To Articulate Their Value

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The new Albanese Federal Labor Government was given a reality check today as delegates to a high-profile business summit heard how Australian companies are still hurting as they struggle to recover more than two years after the COVID pandemic first hit our shores. “Businesses may not tell you, but they are hurting badly,” said guest… Read more »

Kochie’s Business Builders – ‘Lessons from Legends’ segment with Sharon Williams


Taurus Marketing CEO and founder Sharon Williams joined Kochie’s Business Builders ‘Lessons from Legends’ segment to share her top three tips on brand building, and how to actually put these into practice to achieve your business goals and objectives. Sharon said “It all starts with you as a leader. You are the leader of your… Read more »

June 14, 2022

#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog by Xavier Patte

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Beginning my journey through the TaurusAcademy© Program was one of the greatest experiences I have endured since finishing my university studies. Having been my first internship, it was a large leap from what I was accustomed to, having the opportunity to directly correlate my studies in Management & Marketing into the professional scene with a… Read more »

#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog by Tiana Warner

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As someone who has a very hands-on approach to marketing, the realm behind the PR curtain was a mystery. The TaurusAcademy© Internship program was the perfect opportunity to satisfy my curiosity while learning new skills and being supported by a talented team. The Taurus environment is friendly and welcoming. I had a lot of questions,… Read more »

June 7, 2022

Accounting And Advice Firm Mergers Predicted To Accelerate

As big banks leave the wealth management sector and huge shares of the market are left open for the taking, Australia’s shifting market dynamics is creating an opportunity that will likely see major changes in accounting and advice firms in the near future. Taurus client, Vincent Holland, co-founder of financial planning software, Plutosoft, explains that “there’s a… Read more »

How CEOs Can Create An Employee-First Culture During The Great Resignation

Since the pandemic two years ago, employees have expected greater flexibility and work-life balance as many individuals begin to prioritise wellbeing, prompting the Great Resignation. Taurus client, Michael Horton, Executive Vice President and Country Manager Australia and New Zealand at HCL Technologies, comments that “businesses need to enhance employee experiences and empower them”, further adding this is… Read more »

A Data-First Approach To Address Post-Catastrophe Impacts

As natural disasters continue to increase in frequency and intensity, damages to businesses and communities are costing Australia billions of dollars a year. Taurus client, HCL Technologies, and their design consultancy, Symplicit, are leading a new approach towards handling post-catastrophe efforts with data to “put residents and business owners in the centre of response and recovery”.… Read more »

#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog by Emily Wei


Before the TaurusAcademy© program, I’d never experienced what it was like to work in an office environment, but I knew it was something my future career path would involve. The internship program at Taurus was an incredibly valuable steppingstone and learning experience in alleviating that uncertainty that many young adults experience when they approach the… Read more »

May 31, 2022

The “No Bull” Approach To Start-Up Leadership And Business


COVID-19 has impacted small business and start-ups in inconceivable ways. The pandemic, a global 100-year event has put even more obstacles in an already challenging and brave entrepreneurial journey. CEO and Founder of Taurus Marketing, Sharon Williams , “As business leaders, it is a must to understand that good copy in a marketing sense is not just… Read more »

The Power Of Female Leaders Embracing Renewal This Easter To Achieve Success And Remain Relevant


It often falls on the shoulders of us, as women, as leaders of our families as well as leaders of our businesses, to keep things afloat and raise the emotional bar. The buck stops with us. Exhausting at times and exhilarating and empowering at others. What are your choices and circumstances this Easter? And which… Read more »

Why You Can Take Advantage Of The Post Covid Business Culture And Flexibility


In this unforeseen post-pandemic world, businesses are witnessing a shift in the traditional workplace structure – from the old-fashioned office space, to working in the comfort of our homes, to this hybrid mix we are experiencing where you can work from anywhere. At the Taurus office, the team are taking staycations just to change up… Read more »

May 30, 2022

Rideshare EVs To Hit The Streets

As the push for more sustainable mobility solutions continues to gain momentum, attention is turned to electric vehicles as a valuable asset to satisfy this market trend in the future. Taurus client, Chris King, CEO and Founder of Australian vehicle-subscription start-up, Splend, commented that rideshare vehicles have a much higher carbon footprint than regular cars… Read more »

A Huge Win’: HR Experts Welcome Progress On Paid Domestic Violence Leave

From the age of 15, one in four women and one in thirteen men in Australia have experienced violence by an intimate partner. This pervasiveness of domestic violence indicates the relevancy of will the new introduction of paid family and domestic violence leave to all organisations. Taurus client, Melissa Kirby, head of Melbourne at international… Read more »

Forget Culture – Focus On The ‘Good Days At Work’

­Research tells us that up to 50% of any person’s experience of work can be attributed to their leaders. In other words, managers can make or break a healthy organisation. Taurus client, Lyndal Hughes, Managing Director at Q5, explained that “value statements, workplace behaviour statements and team charters aren’t enough to prevent a toxic work… Read more »

May 23, 2022

5 Qualities Of A Taurus Zodiac To Add To Your Professional Personal Brand

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The stars aligned and Taurus season was in full swing. The Zodiac sign falls between April 20 and May 20 and includes all family, friends and colleagues who you know take a no-bull approach to life and work. Our founder and CEO Sharon Williams is a fellow Taurean, that’s where our company name comes from.… Read more »

May 16, 2022

4 Things You Can’t Freely Do When You’re Bankrupt In Australia

As cost of living expenses continue to rise, the threat of bankruptcy is starting to become a real one, though it doesn’t happen overnight. Taurus client, Christopher Zinn, personal finance expert and Life Sherpa consumer campaigner, commented that the situations that can lead up to bankruptcy are complicated and that “a post-Covid hangover” can be… Read more »

The Reason Why Digitalisation Is Going To Speed Up Net Zero In The Manufacturing And Construction Industries

As the industry with one of the highest carbon emissions globally and net zero targets being set as a worldwide standard, digitalisation will be key to turning things around sustainably. Taurus client, Paul Laycock, CEO of VinZero, explained that “data will no doubt be the new currency for achieving net zero targets” and urged industry… Read more »

Digitalisation And Net Zero Partner VinZero Calls In Lazard For Sale Talks

Taurus client, Paul Laycock and CEO of VinZero, a global first entity and partner of choice for architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing (AEC & M) industries was featured in the AFR. The new 200+mEuro global entity with 550 staff in 32 global offices recently merged four leading, trusted and known brands - A2K Technologies ANZ, U.S CAD The… Read more »

The Role Of Business Resilience And Critical Event Management In Securing Competitive Advantage

Product differentiation. Human capital. Strategic acquisitions. These have long been the traditional sources of market advantage for companies. With COVID-19, everything changed. Companies who had tried to outfox competitors with pricing schemes or brilliant hires weren’t able to stay open during such a prolonged period of acute disruption, rendering all prior competitive actions moot. Taurus… Read more »

Using Digitisation To Reduce Carbon Emissions In Building And Construction

The building and construction sector is one of the largest in the world economy, with around $10 trillion spent on construction-related goods and services every year. However, it is also one of the most energy-intensive polluting industries on the planet, responsible for at least 38 per cent of CO2 emissions, 23 per cent of air… Read more »

‘Good Days’ More Motivating Than Wellbeing Strategies

Organisational health can seem “too big and complex” to address, but HR plays a critical role in “triggering the conversation” that pushes it forward. Although it can be examined from many layers, organisational health ultimately focuses on performance. Taurus client, Lyndal Hughes, Managing Director, Q5, said “At the top level, if we think about organisational… Read more »

May 9, 2022

Four Leading AEC & M Brands Merge To Form New $EU 200+M Global Powerhouse, VinZero


With net zero targets being set by more and more governments and the AEC&M industry being the biggest contributor to climate change, 4 of the world’s leading brands of architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing have decided to merge to form VinZero and do something about it. Taurus Client, Paul Laycock, CEO of VinZero, commented that… Read more »

Dicker Data Acquires Hill Security And IT Division

As the IT distribution business is poised to become more competitive and diversified, Dicker Data has responded by acquiring the Hills Security and IT division to access the dynamic security technology sector. Taurus client, David Dicker, CEO and Chairman of Dicker Data, commented “I’m confident we have the right people in place to deliver the… Read more »

Four Leading AEC & M Brands Merge To Form New $EU 200+M Global Powerhouse, VinZero 

A global-first, the new $EU200+M entity’s mission is to build a better world by encouraging the AEC&M industries to support net zero targets through digitalisation. According to a report published by the United Nations Environment Programme, the construction industry is the biggest contributor to climate change accounting for 38 percent of C02 emissions, 23 percent… Read more »

Why The TaurusBullseye© Methodology Will Put You Ahead

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While COVID-19 has left us in unchartered waters, one thing is not changing. That is our Taurus ‘No Bull’ approach, the methodology which has underwritten the way we’ve supported, protected and built our clients brands for the past 27 years. What is the TaurusBullseye©? The TaurusBullseye© is our unique and trademarked methodology and demonstrates the communications… Read more »

8 Reasons Marketers Should Care About the Metaverse

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The ‘Metaverse’ has been a significant topic in the tech industry, moving the world as we know it into a new virtual revolution. This has intrigued the needs of individuals, media and business to comprehend the power & social magnitude of the metaverse and its importance to create a well-established virtual presence in the foreseeable… Read more »

Rentvesting: Just A Craze Or A Savvy Move? – Life Sherpa

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With property prices surging, younger people are finding it even harder to buy their first property. That’s why an increasing number of millennials are starting to use rentvesting as their first move in the real estate market, without having to sacrifice their lifestyle. Taurus client and personal finance experts, Life Sherpa, explains all the details… Read more »

Founder Of Violet, Melissa Reader On TaurusTV©

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Melissa Reader CEO of Violet joined our CEO Sharon Williams with TaurusTV© host Jacinta Tynan for the latest episode of The Leadership Series. Find out how Taurus is supporting Violet who provide bereavement services following Sharon’s own personal experience and why death is something we should all be having a conversation about. Watch the full… Read more »

May 2, 2022

Growing Your Shiny Spine


With women historically been socialised to be accommodating and punished for asserting their needs and wants, many women find boundary-setting quite difficult. This has led to a belief that saying ‘no’ is wrong or selfish, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Dr Frank Chow, psychiatrist at 2OP Health, explains “calmly, but firmly voicing… Read more »

Equipping Leaders In Innovation To Help Futureproof Healthcare Organisations


Innovation is key to progressing into a foreseeable future, developing a reality capable of being led by wise and skilled leaders. Specifically, within the healthcare industry, innovation can determine the successful application or resistance by the complex nature of the healthcare system. Taurus client, Lyndal Hughes, Managing Director of Q5 Australia, shares her insights in… Read more »

Digital Software Trends Set To Transform Public Sector Emergency Management


Time is the biggest enemy when encountering emergency management. With Australia facing a battery of major disasters including COVID BA.2 subvariant and cyber-attacks, the toll on the economy has been colossal. To counter-act against potential emergency occurrences, digital trends and understandings of critical event and emergency management are needed to transform the current issues being… Read more »

April 26, 2022

Used Car Prices In Australia Set To Soar Further

As pandemic-driven global supply chain issues and chip shortages continue to negatively affect new automobile manufacturing and launch, the second-hand car market has benefited from this disruption as more Australians turn to used vehicles. Taurus client, Desmond Sandborn, Founder of Sell2Dealers, a digital automotive marketplace to sell used vehicles to registered dealers, highlights the trend… Read more »

April 20, 2022

Weather Forecasting Won’t Save Us Anymore


Natural catastrophes are becoming ever more devastating to Australia, creating vulnerability to societies stretching across New South Wales & Queensland. We must start by pre-empting severe weather (and other critical) events sooner. Just-in-time forecasting and mass notification systems are not enough to achieve resilience or preparedness. Taurus client, James Boddam-Whetham, CEO, Noggin speaks upon how… Read more »

Noggin Emergency Management Summit 2022


Taurus client, Noggin are hosting a half-day virtual Emergency Management Summit to showcase their integrated emergency and critical event management software platform and the organisations using it to solve key emergency response challenges every day. There will be customer and product showcase sessions at the virtual event on 12 May 2022 from 1 – 5:30PM.… Read more »

Digitisation To Achieve Net-Zero? | Expert Talks With Mr Paul Laycock

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Different organisations have different approaches to achieving the net-zero target. However, there are companies capable of performing more efficiently to help other companies to reach optimal progress to reach their goals Taurus client, Paul Laycock, CEO of VinZero shares his thoughts on Kalkine Media on how VinZero aims to achieve success into moving its customers… Read more »

VinZero: Global Tech Powerhouse Leading AEC & M Sectors Towards Net Zero

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With the construction industry being labelled as the biggest contributor to climate change by the UN, it was time for one company to take action. A global-first, Taurus client, VinZero, is acting against this ever-growing problem, aiming to leverage data and digital solutions to achieve a net-zero target. Read the full article here.

Can This Claims System With Real-time Flood Forecasting Save Insurers Millions Of Dollars?


In response to the recent flood catastrophe, Taurus client, Daniel Sandaver, Founder of Codafication, has formed a strategic collaboration with Juliette Murphy, CEO of FloodMapp. Murphy founded FloodMapp in response to the 2011 Brisbane floods. The technology company is a small, specialised team of flood engineers, hydrologists and data scientists focused on the problem of… Read more »

April 12, 2022

Taurus Senior Consultant Ian Dose On TaurusTV©


Ian Dose is our IR, Government and Crisis Comms Expert with more than 30 years of domestic and international experience across communication and marketing, working with some of world’s leading organisations and brands. A former journalist, Ian is best known for heading up the communications team that successfully bid for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, as… Read more »

April 11, 2022

Why Digital Marketing Is So Hot Right Now And Why Your Business Needs It


From 2022-2030, the global digital marketing software market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.1% and is expected to reach $264.15 billion by 2030. So, why is digital marketing so hot right now? Social media is the driving force behind Digital marketing and is more affordable, flexible and engaging compared… Read more »

Why Employers Are Listening Hard Right Now

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Company culture is the essential ingredient that drives employee engagement, a connected workplace, innovation and business growth. In 2022, employees hold the power and are asking for flexible working arrangements, perks and pay rises in a post-pandemic world. How far can they take this, and should we be listening as we grapple with the skill… Read more »

Going Back To The Office Or Working From Anywhere – Striking The Right Balance by Sharon Williams


In the nineties, one of the brands that used honesty about it’s product to greatest effect has to be Marmite. “You either love it, or hate it.” is how they described the favourite spread on toast. Of course as an English girl I am as familiar with Marmite as Australians are about Vegemite. This tag… Read more »

Taurus Signs Five New Clients


Taurus celebrates five new clients across our trademarked PR, Strategy and Social Media portfolios. They include tech, consumer, auto and digital marketing. We’re very excited to welcome the following clients: TPV & Philips,  Sell2Dealers, VinZero, Rocket and Anker Taurus helps clients achieve success via the TaurusBullseye™ methodology, providing an unparalleled level of service with a practical… Read more »

Wellbeing And The Competitive Advantage Of Business

As people return to the workplace, many businesses are facing new, unique challenges in this post-covid era. Your staff are your most important resource, so engaging them is increasingly important. Taurus client, Lyndal Hughes, Managing Director at Q5 Partners, an international award-winning consulting firm specialising in organisational change, highlights the advantages of keeping employees ‘well’,… Read more »

Equipping Leaders In Healthcare To Use A Mindset Of Innovation To Ride The Wave Of Complexity

Innovation is more than creating new things. It is also a mindset to look at things differently and challenge old ways of performing tasks. Increased financial constraints mean that leaders need to look creatively to achieve outcomes. The COVID-19 pandemic gave us many success stories on this front. With no extra staff, local health districts… Read more »

Channel Partners Weigh In On Federal Budget

HCL Technolgoies CRN 1

With the Australian Budget release on 29 March, Large Australian technology Solution providers are highly motivated to advance after investments into technology sectors were announced. This intrigues the providers effort to help double the size of the cyber workforce, increase in security and mobile coverage. Taurus client, HCL Technologies Executive Vice President & Country Manager… Read more »

New Research Reveals A Shortage Of Tech Skilled Workers Is Brewing In Australia

Australia needs to lift its IT and digital game or risk being left behind by the rest of the world, according to new research. A report from international recruitment agency Hays surveyed 3,500 companies and found a critical shortage of technology workers was brewing. More than two thirds of respondents (68 per cent) believed the… Read more »

Business-based Tech Startups FloodMapp and Codafication Collaborate To Help Flood Victims

Crunchwork Website Text46 copy 1

Hoping to play its part in the ongoing recovery of regions hit hard by floods, Brisbane-based tech startups FloodMapp and Codafication have joined forces to help reduce insurance response times so triage teams can efficiently pinpoint and prioritise high-risk claims. By providing real-time automation of where claimants are based relative to the floods, FloodMapp’s technology,… Read more »

Federal Budget: The Insurance Industry Reacts

The government’s 2022-23 Federal Budget, including its cheaper fuel and cost of living payments, has received a mixed response from the Australian public and expert observers. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg officially announced the Budget on Tuesday night. Taurus Client, Daniel Sandaver, Managing Director of Brisbane-based digital services and software company Codafication, sees the Budget as “a… Read more »

March 22, 2022

Latest Australian IT Hiring And Skills Efforts

HCL Website Text2

Taurus client, HCL Technologies has launched its TechBee training program in Australia for Year 12 students who have graduated and for high school leavers who have completed Year 12 from 2018 onwards who studied maths in high school. Candidates interested in joining the program will first attend a three-month foundation training on IT essentials, business… Read more »

Cutting The Puppet Strings

2OP Health Website Text

As constant attempts to shape our behaviour from various sources are unavoidable in modern life, it’s important to recognise manipulative behaviour when it’s happening either in your personal or work life. Taurus client, Dr Frank Chow, work-related mental health expert, 2OP Health, said “victims of manipulation may not find the behaviour intrusive or disruptive at… Read more »

Why Text Literacy Is Key For Educators

HCL Website Text 1

While students continually return to face-to-face learning, technology literacy remains a crucial skill in the academics arena with the on-going digital transformation across the world. According to Michael Horton, Executive Vice President and Country Head ANZ, HCL Technologies, “the need to address Australia’s challenge in maintaining and growing the technology workforce is strong” and with… Read more »

What Is Basic Health Cover And How Much Does It Cost?

Life Sherpa Website Text 2

Since the Australian government’s introduction of a four-tier system to classify different types of health insurance cover, there have been many criticisms for basic hospital cover, the bottom of this standardised system, for lack of coverage. Taurus client, Christopher Zinn, Consumer Campaigner, Life Sherpa said, “It’s tempting to save money on health insurance, but it… Read more »

March 15, 2022

Public Sector IT Spend Set To Explode

Noggin Website Text

According to Gartner forecasting, public sector IT spending is set to grow by almost 9% and software investment is projected to grow nearly 20% in 2022. The question is, where should the money go? As Australians navigated through a pandemic, geopolitical conflict, cyber threats, supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages, rising inflation and national disasters,… Read more »

RACV Taps HCL For Low Code Prowess

HCL Website Text

Taurus client, HCL Technologies has entered a multi-year integration with the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV). The integration as a service will improve many aspects of both companies, notably the mutually owned car service and general insurance provider’s member-facing services. Michael Horton, Executive Vice President & Country Manager Australia & New Zealand, HCL Technologies… Read more »

How Dicker Data Capitalised On Supply Chain Chaos

Dicker Data Website Text 1

Taurus client, Dicker Data has navigated through the uncertainties that came with the global pandemic. CFO Mary Stojcevski has used those experiences to hold out against ongoing supply chain chaos and capitalising on it. Strategies such as investing more in working capital and navigating through inventory shortages, have contributed to the company’s ability to capitalise… Read more »

Rentvesting: Just A Craze, Or A Savvy Move?

Life Sherpa Website Text 1

As supply shortages increase, millennials are switching to rentvesting as their latest financial strategy. Rentvesting enables Australians to rent wherever you want to live and invest in an area where you can afford to buy property. Although the flexibility and benefits appeal to homeowners, rentvesting has its benefits and limitations that need to be considered… Read more »

March 8, 2022

The Best Of Barangaroo

Bel Brio Barangaroo 01 1920x1440 1

As the home of  Taurus HQ, Barangaroo is what we know, and we know it well. Below are our top 10 recommendations for places to come see including restaurants, bars, lunches and meeting venues to visit in Barangaroo. 1. Bel and Brio café   Image sourced from Bel and Brio official website Bel & Brio… Read more »

February 28, 2022

Dicker Data To Acquire Hills Security And IT Division

Dicker Data Website Text

Taurus client, Dicker Data has announced its acquisition of Security and Information Technology (SIT) distribution division of Hills Limited Australia under a conditional business sale agreement (BSA). The acquisition foresees an increase in the company’s total active customer base and accelerate its entry into the physical market. David Dicker, CEO, Dicker Data said “This will… Read more »

Discover Ethical Investing With Life Sherpa’s Christopher Zinn

Life Sherpa Website Text

Whether you avoid fast fashion, eat organically, or divest from unethical companies, conscious consumers and investors have changed the world through purchasing ethically. Investing your money, however, can be even more complicated with social washing, green washing, and other societal labels. Taurus client, Christopher Zinn shared his expertise on ethical investing, the difference between ethical… Read more »

Ideapreneurship Boosting Employee Engagement And Customer Satisfaction

HCL WebsiteText 1

What can we learn from a top employer to generate value to both employees and customers? According to Taurus client Apparao VV from HCL Technologies, fostering ‘ideapreneurship’ among employees helps drive employee engagement and customer satisfaction to the next level. As part of its strategy to drive inclusion at scale, HCL Technologies established its unique “inclusion… Read more »

February 15, 2022

How Business Leaders Can Create An Employee-First Culture During COVID-19 And Whilst Remote Working

HCL Technologies Website Text

COVID-19 has had an immense impact on businesses in Australia from the beginning of the pandemic with 2022 focused on adapting to remote working and learning to live with the virus. A key lesson that is relevant to any business industry-wide is the power of an ‘employee first’ philosophy which ensures that employees are at the… Read more »

Improving Organisational Health: A Five-Point Checklist

Q5 WebsiteText

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of workers’ health and wellbeing and the need for organisations to prioritise organisational health using a skilful balance of art and science. To build and adopt better workplace culture look out for warning signs of low organisational health. Taurus client, Tom Leary from Q5 shared his five-point checklist… Read more »

February 1, 2022

Global IT Company Named Best Employer In Australia And 16 Other Countries

HCL WebsiteText

Taurus client, HCL Technologies (HCL) has taken the top spot as the best employer in Australia and 16 other countries – spanning across Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Guatemala, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. As the IT sector undergoes transformative… Read more »

January 31, 2022

Working From Home With Housemates – With Dr Frank Chow


Do you work from home with housemates? This can be challenging enough, let alone working in an environment where you may not have the space, adequate resources or the ability to be both flexible and disciplined in your work from home practices. Taurus client, Dr Frank Chow of 2OP Health featured on The Room Xchange on how to prioritise… Read more »

January 25, 2022

Tech Entrepreneur In Pole Position For F1 Speed Fix


Taurus client, David Dicker, CEO of Dicker Data is on track to become the world’s wealthiest man according to the Sydney Morning Herald. His passion project, Rodin Cars, provided Dicker with the opportunity to assemble a fully electronic race car that is capable of Formula 1 speeds. Although the project did not go to plan,… Read more »

Crypto-nite Or The Way Of The Future? Either Way It’s An Exciting Ride


Cryptocurrency…is it a risk or a reward? Either way it’s an exciting ride with the crypto’s potential being enormous. It has the ability to increase efficiency, solve several challenges of the current system and create a more inclusive economy. Some believe crypto is the future of money. Others think it’s a bubble, a scam or… Read more »

December 21, 2021

Technology Expert’s Tips For Safety Management Platforms

Website Noggin

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitisation of work processes and safety management technology to integrate worker wellbeing, workplace facilities, incident response, emergency and crisis management coordination, corporate security and business continuity. Taurus client, Charlie Forsyth of Noggin shared his insights into the benefits and things to look out for when it comes to safety… Read more »

How To Deal With Depression And Anxiety Over The Holiday Season

Website2 2OPHealth

Did you know that Christmas is one of the six most stressful life events, along with divorce, moving houses and changing jobs? As social, professional and personal demands increase during the festive season, they are also drivers of social anxiety, financial stress, loneliness or the feeling of being overwhelmed from family and/or friend gatherings. Taurus… Read more »

December 14, 2021

Budgeting Habits To Relearn As The Borders Open


While Australian’s decide on a travel destination, personal finance expert and Consumer Campaigner of Life Sherpa, Christopher Zinn suggests that before Australian’s rush into the travel frenzy, they need to relearn, revise and implement budgeting habits to avoid “breaking the bank”.  Taurus client, Christopher Zinn shared his insights in Nestegg on how Australian’s can devise… Read more »

What Westpac’s AMP Fintech Deal Says About The Post-Hayne World


The strategic move of Westpac acquiring personal finance app MoneyBrilliant from AMP, contributes to both companies’ commitment of upholding community expectations as they reshape their business. Taurus client, Vince Scully, CEO/Founder of Life Sherpa shared his insights in the Australian Financial Review on what Westpac’s AMP fintech deal says about the post-Hayne world. Read the… Read more »

Why Digitising Critical Event Management Needs To Be A Priority In 2022


Although COVID-19 has caused global disruption, 87% of organisations experienced at least one non-pandemic related critical event in 2020. There is a need for businesses to rethink their critical event management practices to improve on business operations and achieve their desired goals. James Boddam-Whetham discussed the challenges and digitising critical event management in Business IT.… Read more »

The Time Is Now To Prepare For A Crisis: Four Digital Capabilities To Look Out For On The Critical Event Management Technology Market


Don’t wait for a crisis, be proactive. The emergence of COVID-19 exposed the lack of preparedness that businesses had in place. More than 70 percent of businesses lacked pandemic-specific emergency plans. Even the majority of companies that di have continuity plans, did not prepare for a sufficiently long duration. James Boddam-Whetham shared his insights on… Read more »

Critical Infrastructure Security Legislation Amendment: Here’s What Your Business Needs To Do


Recently, there has been a surge in cyber-attacks with a record of 4500 hacking attempts in one day. The government released an Australian Cyber Security Strategy in 2020 to differentiate between government and business responsibilities to ensure cyber resilience is achieved. James Boddam-Whetham shared his insights in SmartCompany Plus. Read the full article here

Health Insurance For Seniors Over 60: Your Complete Guide


Although we try to integrate exercise and a well-balanced diet into our lifestyle, the chances of becoming more susceptible to illnesses and ailments are inescapable as we age. As such, seniors’ health insurance can help alleviate financial stress for Australians over 60 if urgent treatment for an unforeseen illness is required. Christopher Zinn shared his… Read more »

5 Ways To Build And Maintain An Emergency Retirement Stash


As unforeseen circumstances and life changes occur, it is imperative that you review the amount in your stash annually. A good retirement is not only about planning and preparing but also the protection of your money goals. Setting up an emergency stash ensures you are financially prepared for unexpected life changes, where prompt access to… Read more »

The Major Benefits, Risks And What It Takes To Make An Informed Decision Before Jumping In On The Crypto Game


Since its launch in 2009, three million users have invested in Bitcoin each week, making it the third most used currency in the global market, following the Dollar and Euro. With an abundance of benefits, Crypto supports are labelling Bitcoin revolutionary. Christopher Zinn shares his expertise on the benefits and risks of crypto in Money… Read more »

December 13, 2021

#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog By Kevin Dhillion


As an undergraduate, one of the crucial experiences recommended at university is to complete an internship. I needed work experience for two reasons; to figure out my career path and to boost my employability. Luckily for me, the TaurusAcademy© internship was able to provide both over 3 months. Despite my internship being remote due to… Read more »

#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog By Oliver Riddle


  Interning with Taurus through the TaurusAcademy© has been an insightful and enjoyable experience. I have continually learnt new skills each week, building my knowledge in marketing and PR. Working with such a friendly intelligent team, I felt comfortable to ask questions and complete tasks, knowing help was only a call away. Having to start… Read more »

#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog By Emily Marsden


My TaurusAcademy© internship has been an enjoyable and educational experience that has provided me with many valuable insights into the world of marketing and public relations. I am incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from the amazing team at Taurus. From day one the entire team at Taurus were… Read more »

One Tech CFO explains why women on board helps

DickerData WebsiteText

There’s been some debate about whether the pandemic has helped or harmed working women.   According to the 2021 Finance Women’s Index, women will achieve pay equality in 21 years and 40 years for superannuation. However, in the corporate world, surprisingly, it’s only going to take 7 years for 50-50 gender diversity to be achieved… Read more »

Smarter Insurance: The secret to businesses surviving extreme weather

Codafication WebsiteText

Often, damage to your business is unavoidable. And if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that effective business continuity and resource distribution plans are business-critical and essential to combatting crises.   While you can’t single-handedly reverse climate change or control its timing, you can make sure you are safeguarded against the imminent impact. The… Read more »

Taurus introduces Crypto Service

Taurus WebsiteText

At Taurus, we are proud to announce our new service offering, TaurusCrypto©   TaurusCrypto© aims to address concerns of business operators who are tapping cryptocurrency as a payment method, but want to exercise caution with implementing it and are choosing which crypto systems are highly-credible and secure.   Read the full article here or for… Read more »

Banks hate DeFi now, but they’ll learn to love it

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DeFi (decentralised finance) is known as the crypto economy’s financial wild west.   With Defi cryptocurrency, digital currency can be sent all over the world from taking out a loan to earning interest on assets and operating smart contracts.   Taurus client, Mitchell Travers, Managing director, AusMerchant shares his professional insights on why Banks hate… Read more »