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February 22, 2021

Taurus client DataMesh shares how Australian retailers are reimagining customer experience with RetailBiz

DataMesh RetailBiz

With the evolution of customer experience and the rise of digital payments in recent years retailers are forced to innovate to stand out from their rivals and win customer loyalty.  Taurus client and independent payment processing network DataMesh shares with RetailBiz the need for mobility and top tips on how retailers can better engage, transact and get on the… Read more »

February 10, 2021

Taurus CEO/Founder Sharon Williams shares how uni grads can gain an edge with Daily Telegraph & 37 other mainline dailies

sw in dt

As a university graduate, students often ponder which is more important: strong grades or practical experience?  Taurus Founder/CEO Sharon Williams was featured in the Daily Telegraph and 37 other mainline dailies and weighed in on the importance of interning and gaining first-hand experience in the student’s chosen industry. When making a hiring decision, Sharon looks for the most well-rounded individual, rather… Read more »

January 21, 2021

Taurus CEO/Founder, Sharon Williams, shares her experience and learnings from Paralympic Gold Medalist and Author of ‘Keeping Your Head Above Water’ Matt Levy

Matt KBB

2020 has been a challenging year for most Australians including business owners and leaders. As we look ahead to 2021, building organisational resilience has never been more important. Taurus CEO/Founder Sharon Williams spoke to Kochie’s Business Builders about her strategies for success in 2021 and touched on her learnings from two-times Paralympic Gold Medallist and… Read more »

Taurus client, Director and Psychiatrist of 2OP Health, Dr. Frank Chow, featured in Dynamic Business

Frank DB

COVID-19 has tested business owners’ personal and professional resilience like never before. Taurus client and workplace mental health expert, Dr. Frank Chow, of 2OP Health says people’s ability to cope with the changes and uncertainty of COVID-19 is determined by existing biological factors and internal capabilities. In an article for Dynamic Business, Dr. Chow speaks… Read more »

Taurus client and Cyber Security Technology Leader, Secure Logic, featured in CRN


Cybersecurity innovation leader, Secure Logic launched Secure Digital Connect (SDC) in December 2020. SDC is a digital portfolio that replaces GovDC’s Managed Service Backbone (MSB) and offers the Government community a secure platform that seamlessly interconnects Government agencies, service providers and partners through a secure multi-tenancy cloud environment. SDC offers a new and improved solution… Read more »

January 10, 2021

Taurus client and independent payment processing network DataMesh featured in Dynamic Business

dm in db

With the evolution of customer experience and the rise of digital payments in recent years retailers are forced to innovate to stand out from their rivals and win customer loyalty. Taurus client and independent payment processing network DataMesh shares with Dynamic Business several ways that the rise of customer experience is changing the payment landscape… Read more »

Client Announcement – Secure Logic is driving excellence in CyberSecurity for Corporate and Government

secure logic

SecureLogic is a leading provider of innovative technology delivering cybersecurity and digital identity solutions. Secure Logic works with some of the most difficult challenges faced by modern enterprises. This includes transitioning whole organisations to an As-A-Service model, detecting emerging threats predictively and completely re-thinking how digital services are being delivered, Secure Logic’s key values are… Read more »

November 27, 2020

CEO Note from Sharon – November 2020


The last few months have been about watching the wellbeing of our team and our network and finetuning our visual virtual creative offering to our clients. It’s also been important to encourage each other to smell the roses and take time to register our mental and physical health as a priority. As our client, psychiatrist… Read more »

November 1, 2020

Client Announcement – Airvida


Taurus is having fun working with iBle Technology for the launch of their new product Airvida – the world’s smallest air purifier under our TaurusPR© offering.  With options for both adults and children, no matter where you are or what elements surround you, you can breathe easier with Airvida – a wearable air purifier tried and tested to generate more than 2 million ions/cm3 every… Read more »

October 30, 2020

Taurus announces Taurus Investor Relations©


Our TaurusInvestorRelations© service crosses the IR bridge from total IR function set up, support and assistance to full scale management – our team is there to support you and complete the pieces of the puzzle to ensure your company is maximising shareholder impact. From best practice on-line investor centres, attracting new investors to the register, initiating analyst research, complying… Read more »

October 26, 2020

Australia’s Marketing expert and Taurus CEO/Founder Sharon Williams shares 9 marketing tips that will improve your small business in Kochie’s Business Builders

pexels bongkarn thanyakij 3740190

Effective marketing is a key growth driver in your small business. If you think you don’t have to understand marketing – think again. Everyone in your small business is responsible for marketing – from the receptionist to those in the accounts department. If you don’t buy into that principle, be sure that good brands build… Read more »

Noggin and CEO James Boddam-Whetham address the need to digitally transform safety and security in Australia’s hospitals

pexels pixabay 40568

The Taurus team has strong expertise in the Healthcare sector which is also one of the most at-risk for violent incidents against frontline workers.    James Boddam-Whetham, CEO of Noggin writes in Hospital and Healthcare on the state of safety and security in Australia’s hospitals while highlighting key points from the NSW Health Anderson Report on Hospital Security. The… Read more »

August 28, 2020

New TV, production & Webinar studio at your fingertips with Taurus


Communications has radically moved online because of COVID-19. Virtual and MORE VISUAL content is not optional. It’s essential. The key? Easily digestible, memorable, persuasive and sharable content – that has a shelf life – and looks so much better. We’re proud to announce our TaurusVirtualContent© offering is expanding with a fully-fledged TV studio, filming rooms… Read more »

August 24, 2020

Taurus team featured in and 11 different publications nationally on pay rise during the COVID era


25 years strong, we are proud to continue our place at the forefront of industry-wide conversations in Australia’s most reputable publications. As businesses globally are dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, nailing the pay rise negotiation still depends on preparation and context. Our Taurus team are used to rising to the occasion and Business continuity… Read more »

August 15, 2020

TaurusAcademy Intern Blog by Jeremy Triani


Being a Taurus Intern has been an enriching experience to say the least.  I found it most valuable to be in a space surrounded by experienced professionals who can teach me and pass on their knowledge about the industry in a simplistic and nurturing manner. I felt very comfortable right from the get-go.  The team… Read more »

July 24, 2020

Pandemic proofing: the future of [safe] work post COVID-19 by Taurus friend and client Alastair Brooke, Founder/Director of Safety Evolved

pandemic 1

As businesses return back to the office, there’s been a significant operational and structural shift to the way we operate. The challenging nature of this shift will differ from workplace to workplace. However, in order to prevent susceptibility to these ever-changing conditions it is imperative for businesses to look at innovative solutions and navigate the… Read more »

July 10, 2020

Sharon Williams in Ticker TV – Being a successful female entrepreneur


Taurus CEO/Founder, Sharon Williams was featured on Ticker TV talking about – Sharon’s entrepreneurial story – Founding Taurus & being in business for 25 years How Taurus is adjusting to COVID 19 Advice from the top – looking at the road to recovery, a positive and effective business guide The reality of being at the… Read more »

July 2, 2020

Sharon Williams in Inside Small Business – Top tips for small businesses on the road to recovery!

Pink and Red Beauty Influencer Asymmetrical Overlays Facebook Cover

Taurus CEO/Founder, Sharon Williams was featured on Inside Small Business with her “Top tips for small businesses on the road to recovery”. “New normal, pivot, a virtual world, reinvention, new strategies, and making the most of your digital communication capabilities. These are just some of the terms we wake up to since we started to… Read more »

July 1, 2020

Taurus client and friend, Dr. Frank Chow of 2OP Health featured in Inside Small Business


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant challenges on businesses and puts further strain on our mental health. Taurus client and friend, Dr. Frank Chow discusses top tips on how to take care of your overall health and wellbeing with Inside Small Business. The tips provided are curated for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and leaders to… Read more »

June 29, 2020

Taurus client, Dr. Frank Chow of 2OPHealth in Kochie’s Business Builders


As restrictions are eased, Australians are gradually adapting back to their professional lives in a post-COVID-19 world. While some thrive and others don’t in the WFH environment, how are extroverts and introverts different and what are their mental struggles and sentiments post-COVID-19? Taurus client and workplace mental health expert, Dr. Frank Chow of 2OPHealth discussed… Read more »

June 25, 2020

Small Business First, A Kochie’s Business Builders Initiative

small business first

Taurus CEO and Founder Sharon Williams is a long-standing and proud member of Kochie’s Business Builders family. We are excited to announce Sharon’s continued partnership joining the KBB Team on their new platform, Small Business First. Small Business First is designed to assist Small Businesses through the COVID-19 era. You can create a business listing,… Read more »

June 23, 2020

Winmark Wines Cellar Door Now Open


The Taurus Team and our Founder & CEO Sharon Williams (as RockClub member no 1) are proud to be associated with this beautiful vineyard, Winmark Wines in the Hunter Valley as they celebrate the building and opening of their Winmark Cellar Door! Known as one of the most beautiful Hunter Valley vineyards, this stunning property… Read more »

June 11, 2020

Effective marketing in crisis – Webinar by Sharon Williams with George Sabados and Vision Brokers & Advisors


Taurus CEO and Founder, Sharon Williams speaking with George Sabados and the Vision Brokers and Advisors Community on effective marketing in times of crisis. “The biggest message you can take is that right now is NOT the time to hideaway – it’s the time to be out there! Show empathy & help.” View the full 27-minute… Read more »

May 13, 2020

Taurus in the media – Kicking off Q2 with a bang!

Taurus secures 8 new and returning clients – featured in B&T, Mumbrella, Influencing, Telum Media, and Social Diary and is proud to announce we are working with a wide range of new and returning clients. Sydney, Australia – Integrated PR and Marketing agency Taurus celebrates eight new and returning clients across trademarked PR, Strategy and Social… Read more »

Welcome Taurus Month!

taurus month

Our story. Our brand. Our values. 25 years in business, 4 continents and over 1000 brands. Our CEO and Founder, Sharon Williams shares the powerful meaning behind the name of our company. “I chose the name Taurus because when I looked up the star sign it represented  tenacity, passion, loyalty, sturdy, steadfast, keep going no… Read more »

May 1, 2020

B&T feature – Taurus is proud to welcome 8 new and returning clients!

PBoption2 1

Taurus featured in B&T Australia. Working in true Taurean style as we continue to be tenacious, passionate, steadfast and working hard in these challenging times. We kick off Q2 (and the month of Taurus) celebrating 8 new and returning clients across our trademarked Taurus Public Relations©, Taurus Bullseye Strategy© and Taurus Social© portfolios. Recently awarded… Read more »

April 14, 2020

Q&A: TaurusPivot – An interview with Lisa Bouari, Director of OutThought


OutThought designs, builds and hosts intelligent AI and Virtual Assistants that automate customer service enquiries on IBM Watson technology. Lisa Bouari, Director at OutThought and her team are continuously looking at solutions to help address the current needs of organisations. In a Q&A with Taurus, Lisa shares how OutThought is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak… Read more »

March 13, 2020

Taurus wins ‘Best PR & Marketing Agency in Sydney’ in the 2020 APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards!

australian enterprise

Taurus has hit another Bullseye this week, winning the prestigious title of ‘Best PR & Marketing Agency in Sydney’ in the 2020 APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards. APAC Insider is a leading publication that brings readers in the Asia Pacific Region essential content and news from within the business sphere once a quarter. The 2020… Read more »